Philippines accuses Chinese ship of entering territorial waters, summons Beijing’s ambassador

The Philippines has summoned Chinese Ambassador to Manila Huang Xilian for accusing Beijing’s ships of entering Philippine territorial waters in the Sulu Sea and not leaving when driven away.

Apo Island in Midoro

The Philippines’ foreign ministry on March 14 announced that the country on the same day summoned Chinese Ambassador Huang Xilian to ask him to explain the incident in which Manila accused a Chinese navy reconnaissance ship. The country entered the waters of the Philippines and stayed from January 29 to February 1.

The Philippines said it had repeatedly asked the Chinese ship to leave, but the ship ignored it. the waters where the Chinese ship is alleged to have appeared are off the Cuyo Islands near Palawan and Apo Island off the coast of Mindoro. The our correspondent from Philippines said that the Chinese ship entered and was located in the Sulu Sea area. The Philippines accused the Chinese vessel of “infringing upon Philippine sovereignty”. The ship accused of infringing is a Dongdiao-class electronic reconnaissance ship with number 792.

The Chinese Embassy in Manila has not yet commented on the information. Meanwhile, the Department of Foreign Affairs of the Philippines has not explained why they waited until 6 weeks to speak about the case. during a meeting with a Chinese diplomat yesterday, Manila asked Beijing to respect the territory and maritime jurisdiction of the Philippines, and abide by international law, especially the United Nations Convention on Law of the Sea (UNCLOS).

The Philippines also asked China to “direct its ships not to enter Philippine waters uninvited and unauthorized”.

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