Russia’s ‘doomsday’ weapon can lie in ambush deep on the ocean floor

Russia’s “doomsday” weapon – Poseidon nuclear torpedo (also known as Status-6) will have a special version.

The Indian publication EurAsian Times revealed that Russia’s project to build a nuclear unmanned underwater vehicle named Poseidon has entered its final stage. And the Poseidon nuclear torpedo will become much more dangerous than it is now thanks to new variants, allowing it to ambush deep on the ocean floor to launch an unstoppable destructive attack on the enemy.

At the end of 2021, the director of Sevmash (submarine design unit) – Nikolai Budnichenko, said that the super-large nuclear submarine K-329 Belgorod has begun to undergo state tests and work. will be completed by the end of this year.

This oversized submarine will become the first vehicle to carry Poseidon nuclear torpedoes. Also in 2022, the construction of a new facility for the fleet is expected to be completed.

According to Indian observers, this is a special type of base for the Russians, who believe that this facility will play an important role in the deployment of Poseidon torpedoes – which are known by the name “weapon”. doomsday”.

The Poseidon is a nuclear-powered autonomous vehicle that can be used as a strategic deterrent against enemy naval bases.

In an analysis published in Forbes magazine in November 2019 written by famous US underwater weapons expert HI Sutton, he mentioned the Poseidon unmanned submarine as one of the most valuable weapons. The highest destruction is currently under development.

According to the EurAsian Times, the weapon is designed to hit coastal cities with a thermonuclear warhead with an explosive yield of up to 2 megatons (equivalent to 2 million tons of TNT), 133 times more powerful than the bomb. atom dropped on Hiroshima.

The Poseidon torpedo carrier is expected to be the Belgorod and Khabarovsk submarines. They can carry 4 “doomsday weapons” at the same time. In particular, Indian experts note that Russia has a whole “family” of Poseidon, they differ only in function.

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