Russia’s Krasukha forced British reconnaissance aircraft to withdraw from Ukraine

Russia’s Krasuha electronic warfare system forced British reconnaissance aircraft to withdraw from Ukrainian airspace;.

Russia’s Krasukha electronic warfare system, forced the British Air Force reconnaissance aircraft, to interrupt its reconnaissance action and withdraw from the skies of Ukraine.

As is customary, Britain will follow the US, to conduct reconnaissance actions on Ukrainian territory and along the Russian border; First of all, to understand the situation of the deployment of the Russian Army’s forces along the Ukraine border, then to test the “reaction” of Russia.

However, in front of an “old and dirty” opponent like Russia, the above missions of British reconnaissance aircraft in the sky over Ukraine could become a disaster; when Russia’s powerful electronic warfare force has no intention of “holding back”;

The activities of the Russian electronic warfare system, not only disrupting reconnaissance activities of British aircraft, can lead to unpredictable consequences, for the aircraft and its crew.

According to information from Russian media, at 15:30 on January 12, a British Air Force RC-135 reconnaissance plane took off on a mission to the Crimean peninsula.

Upon entering the airspace over the Black Sea at about 18:30, the British aircraft immediately headed for the Russian border; but at 18:52, the reconnaissance plane suddenly made a strange motion, spinning in the sky, began to speed away from Ukraine’s airspace.

It is very likely that the Russian Army used Krasukha electronic warfare complexes to interrupt the operation of GPS satellite signals and transponders with the ground; thus making it difficult for the British RC-135 to operate.

In fact, the British reconnaissance aircraft did not have a chance to take any action near the Russian border; it is possible that the effects of the Russian electronic warfare system, apparently created an emergency situation on the plane; As a result, the RC-135 mission was interrupted and had to leave the skies over Ukraine.

Experts say that, to deal with reconnaissance aircraft like the British RC-135, Russia does not necessarily conduct sorties of interceptors; but only with electronic warfare systems, it is enough to prevent enemy aircraft from carrying out the desired mission.

It should be noted that, at about 22:40 last night, a British Air Force RC-135 reconnaissance aircraft, landed at a military airfield in the UK; but up to now, there has been no announcement from the British Ministry of Defense.

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