What missile does the US currently have to counter hypersonic weapons?

US Vice Admiral Jon Hill recently emphasized that SM-6 anti-aircraft and anti-ship missiles being used by the navy are the only means of defense currently used by the US against the enemy’s hypersonic weapons.

The US destroyer USS John Paul Jones launches an SM-6 missile during a weapons test in 2014 US NAVY

Speaking at a conference hosted by the Association of Naval Engineers last week, Mr. Hill claimed the US Navy has the ability to intercept enemy hypersonic missiles using existing sensor systems. today, according to Sputnik news agency today 6.2.

Hill also noted that the Aegis Combat System on a number of US Navy warships , along with the RIM-66 surface-to-air missile, will also contribute to countering threats posed by hypersonic weapons and ballistic missiles. in the final stage. However, he acknowledged that late-stage missile defense systems are not enough to counter the threat posed by hypersonic weapons.

The SM-6 was developed by the US defense corporation Raytheon in the 2000s and was put into service by the US navy in 2013. Australia, South Korea and Japan also bought SM-6, according to Sputnik.

In addition to the main role of anti-aircraft and ballistic missiles, SM-6 is also considered an anti-ship cruise missile. The US military currently does not have a hypersonic missile system, so SM-6 is said to have not undergone testing against hypersonic targets, according to Sputnik.

Currently, no country has publicly demonstrated its ability to counter hypersonic missiles. However, the Russian Aerospace Forces have assured that the S-500 missile defense system will be able to intercept and destroy hypersonic targets, according to Sputnik. The S-500 has been in service with the Russian army since September 2021.


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