Ukraine accuses Russia of harbouring 1,000 Syrian and Hezbollah troops, issuing “red alerts” for Kiev and Kharkov.

Ukrainian Army accusing the Russian side of trying to compensate for the loss with Syrian soldiers and Lebanese Hezbollah fighters. Russia has not yet responded to this news.

Russian special forces were once spotted wearing Hezbollah insignia during operations in Syria (2016)

the press center of the General Staff of the Ukrainian Army accused the Russian Army Command of continuing to take measures to supplement the loss of personnel by foreigners.

The Ukrainian military also noted that according to the information they currently have, Russian forces have received about 1,000 volunteers from the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and Hezbollah in Lebanon.

It is not clear whether this “pickup” took place on Russian territory or in Ukraine itself, and Moscow has not yet commented on the allegation.

Along with the above information, the General Staff of the Ukrainian Army also issued a series of warnings about possible developments in the coming hours as follows:

In the direction of Volyn (the junction of the borders of Belarus, Poland and western Ukraine) – there will be a high probability of provocations by Russian special forces.

In Polissya (Chernihiv region near the Russian border), Russian forces are conducting security efforts and preparing for a possible attack on Kiev from the northeast.

To the north of Kiev, the Russians are trying to restore the combat capabilities of their units and replenish supplies. Russian troops continued to blockade and shell Chernihiv.

In Brovary (a satellite town and the gateway to the northeast of Kiev connecting to Chernihiv), the Russian Forces are periodically launching artillery shelling on Ukrainian positions.

In the Slobozhansky direction (south of Sumi and north of Kharkov), in order to continue offensive operations on the cities of Sumi and Kharkiv, the Russian Force is trying to replenish reserves of ammunition, fuel and lubricants and is forced to early use of the reserves that had been accumulated.

In Izyum (southeast of Kharkov) the Russian forces and the Luhansk People’s Republic of Militia – LPR are trying to resume offensive operations.

Map of Russia’s military campaign in Ukraine as of March 17

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