Decoding Russia’s “find and destroy, encirclement and division” strategy in Ukraine

During the military operation in Ukraine, the Russian Army is currently implementing extremely effective search and destroy tactics.

At the Mariupol pan of fire, the destruction of the Ukrainian armed forces currently defending the city by the Russian Army is entering its final stage; Now a significant part of the city is already under the control of the Russian army and the Donetsk militia.

Russia’s website reported that the flag of the self-proclaimed Donetsk Republic (DPR) was flown over the government headquarters of the Levoberezhny district of the city of Mariupol. And the first job of the DPR, is to evacuate civilians from the war zone. According to the Russian Army, its forces are engaged with Ukrainian gunmen in the center of Mariupol ; The DPR militia also took control of the city’s airport. This was a sign that the siege of this important port city was coming to an end.

Ukraine’s armed forces defended in the west of the line, formerly built a solid defensive position by the Ukrainian side. But now the defensive points of the Ukrainian Army in Severodonetsk and Lisichansk are surrounded by Russian troops, and are divided into small groups for easy destruction. Currently, Lugansk’s militia has taken control of the town of Rubizhne from the Ukrainian Army. The withdrawal of the Ukrainian army not only from the Rubizhne area but also from the Maryinka area, due to the failure of the Russian Air Force to withstand the airstrikes of the Russian Air Force.

Currently the Ukrainian armed forces in the remaining territories of Donetsk and Lugansk are faced with the choice, or somehow try to hold back the onslaught of the militias of Donetsk and Lugansk and wait for a response. “miracle negotiation” to avoid the risk of being annihilated.

A new “cauldron” is gradually being formed on the second line of defense of Ukrainian forces in the Donbass, concentrated in the Slavyansk and Kramatorsk regions. In the event of defeat, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will lose most of their regular troops. Meanwhile, the Russian army and the militia of the DPR will be able to enter the combat space to the west, where it will be able to encircle the Ukrainian defenses in Pavlograd, Dnepropetrovsk and Zaporozhye. So far, Russian troops have approached the Dnepropetrovsk region from the south – in the direction of Krivoy Rog.

The siege of the Ukrainian capital Kyiv by the Russian Army is still underway. The rapid formation of the encirclement allowed as many residents as possible to leave Ukraine’s largest city and, in the long run, significantly reduced civilian casualties. Military-industrial complexes and military infrastructure of Ukraine are gradually being destroyed by the Russian Army. In particular, long-range missile attacks were carried out on an airport and an aircraft repair facility located in the Lvov province, in western Ukraine.

It is possible that the MiG-29 fighter of the Ukrainian Air Force, which were being repaired and modernized, was damaged by the offensive fire of the Russian Army. The deployment sites of the 79th independent airborne amphibious brigade in Nikolaev were also destroyed by Russian Air Force fire.

In recent days, the Russian military began to use the so-called “search and destroy tactics”; literally, this tactic exhausts the opponent and doesn’t allow the opponent to get clear information, on where exactly the next attack will be made. This tactic also allows the Russian Army to carry out surprise precision strikes against Ukrainian military installations, where the Ukrainian Army does not have time to deploy air defense systems. The option of carrying out a missile attack on the Yavoriv Military Training Center in the Lviv province is an example.

Mr. Basurin, a spokesman for the DPR militia, said that, under the pressure of the Donbass militia, the Ukrainian Army showed signs of burning and retreating; Therefore, the task of the DPR militia is to encircle and prevent the Ukrainian Army from withdrawing to Kharkov. According to Basurin, currently their units are trying to close a circle around the Ukrainian army group in the Avdiivka, Marinka and Vugledar regions – forming a large “cooker”. Because the three targets mentioned above are big cities, the concentration of forces and preventing the Ukrainian side from retreating is being carried out urgently.

According to unofficial information, the Ukrainian armed forces withdrew from Vuhledar, Russian forces and the DPR militia did not enter the city, but bypassed it, to organize an attack in the direction of Kurakhovo. Fierce fighting is also taking place in the Marinka area, it seems that Ukrainian forces here have decided not to withdraw but fight to the end. In Slavyansk, the city is still controlled by Kiev, but Russian attacks have begun with artillery and machine gun salvos can be heard clearly.

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