US military plane crashes in Norway

The US V-22 hybrid helicopter carrying 4 people went missing during an exercise in Norway, authorities discovered traces of the plane that crashed but could not reach it.

U.S. Marines assigned to 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing, II Marine Expeditionary Force, prepare to fly MV-22 Ospreys at Harstad, Norway, Feb. 19, 2022, ahead of Exercise Cold Response

The American V-22 Osprey disappeared at 6:26 pm on March 18 (0:26 am on March 19, Hanoi time) south of the town of Bodo, northern Norway, in bad weather conditions, the Rescue Coordination Center joint Northern and Southern Norway (HRS) said. The V-22, carrying four people, went missing while participating in Cold Response exercise with the participation of 30,000 NATO troops and partners.

Rescuers discovered signs of a V-22 in the area where the plane went missing, but bad weather conditions prevented them from landing at the scene. Rescue teams and local police are moving to the site of the V-22 crash.

“We are not at the scene so we don’t know anything about the four people on board. However, we do know it was a plane crash,” Jan Eskil Severinsen, a spokesman for HRS, said.

Exercise Cold Response 2022 was organized to test how Norway coordinates allied reinforcements in a scenario where NATO activates the common defense clause. The drills were held amid heightened tensions between Russia and NATO, which began before Moscow launched a military campaign to “demilitarize and de-fascist Ukraine”.

The V-22 hybrid helicopter was ordered by the Pentagon to develop in 1983, with the goal of creating a jet aircraft that can operate in narrow terrain such as dense forests, extremely short field runways. or helicopter carrier. Some of the variants include the CV-22B for US Air Force Special Operations Command, the Marines’ MV-22B, and the CMV-22B for aircraft carriers.

The V-22’s rotary engine system allows the aircraft to set up propellers to take off and land vertically like a conventional helicopter, or run/land like a flat-wing aircraft. V-22 Osprey has a length of 17.5 m, a width (including wings) of 25.8 m, a maximum take-off weight of 27.4 tons, a range of 1,600 km. The aircraft can carry 24 soldiers and 9 tons of cargo and military equipment.

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