Ukraine is on the verge of running out of weaponry, as several countries have failed to deliver supplies as promised.

As Ukrainian armed forces continues to block Russian soldiers, Ukraine is claimed to be running short of munitions, despite warnings that certain countries have not supplied supplies to Kiev as promised.

A Ukrainian tank is seen on a street in Kiev. Getty Images

Western nations have been supporting Ukraine for the past month since Russia began a “special military operation” in Ukraine. According to The reporters, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky told British Prime Minister Boris Johnson that Britain had completed the supply of weapons in a week as Russia’s continuous attacks and shelling occurred on multiple fronts.

However, while many countries have promised weapons to help bolster Ukraine’s arsenal, some have not continued to deliver.

Paul Grod, president of the Ukraine World Congress, told The reporters that several countries – including Germany and France – had not delivered the promised weapons.

Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said that the army has only half of its anti-aircraft and anti-tank missiles left. Several countries had sent more weapons in the previous days, which he said had only “partially improved” the situation.

The Ukrainian military is also said to have used the “trophies” obtained from Russia, such as vehicles and other equipment, to increase their supplies and use them against Russian forces.

Earlier on March 9, Defense Secretary Ben Wallace told the House of Commons that the UK had delivered 3,615 anti-tank weapons (NLAW) and would soon deliver a “small consignment” of Javelin anti-tank missiles.

Ukraine’s armed forces fought back fiercely against Russian forces, which is said to have taken Putin by surprise.

Anti-tank fences line a street to protect historic landmarks in Odessa. Photo taken on March 14. Getty Images

Pentagon press secretary John Kirby commented: “They’ve defended very smartly, very quickly, very creatively in places that they believe are the right places to defend and we’ve seen them. Now in places especially in the south, near Khersan, they’re trying to take back territory.”

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