Because of Russia’s concerns, Canada is considering purchasing nearly 100 F-35 fighter jets.

Canada intends to purchase 88 F-35 fighter jets to replace its ageing air force and combat new threats such as Russia.

“We have entered the final phase of the procurement contract because the F-35 stealth fighter has proven to be capable, complete, and capable of synergistic combat. Canada has one of the world’s largest airspaces. The world’s largest fighter fleet, it is critical to ensure that the next squadron of fighters is capable of dealing with a wide range of threats “Anita Anand, Canada’s Defense Minister, stated at a press conference yesterday.

Canadian F-35s will patrol North American airspace alongside the US Air Force under the command of North American Air Defense Command (NORAD). They can also participate in the mission to strengthen NATO defences in Europe and other countries.

“The decision to purchase the F-35 is an important step toward strengthening our military capabilities. The reason for this is that on February 24, the world changed “recommending refers to the time when Russia launched a military operation in Ukraine, said Canadian Foreign Minister Melanie Joly.

The Canadian Air Force currently operates 76 CF-18A/B multi-role fighters based on the F/A-18A/B model developed by the United States, as well as 18 F/A-18s received from Australia in 2019. Many machines, such as aeroplanes, are gradually being phased out as their operational lives come to an end.

In 2016, the Canadian government proposed a budget of $15 billion USD to purchase a new generation fighter. Many foreign defence companies have competed for the contract, including Lockheed Martin and Boeing in the United States, Saab in Sweden, Airbus in Europe, and Dassault in France.

Negotiations with Lockheed Martin are expected to last seven months, with the first planes arriving in Canada as early as 2025.

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