The MMP, the world’s most advanced anti-tank missile, is on its way to Ukraine’s military.

In the hands of the Ukrainian Army, the world’s most advanced anti-tank missile, the MMP, is expected to cause significant damage to Russian tanks.

When deployed alongside Javelin or NLAW, the world’s most advanced anti-tank missile MMP will provide the Ukrainian Army with a terrifying “tank killer” and make the Russian Army feel threatened. Since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine, many Western countries have quickly provided Kiev with thousands of anti-tank weapons, which have caused significant damage to Russian armored forces.

However, Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense recently announced that the number of anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs) is rapidly declining, and they have asked NATO to continue providing more advanced weopons to Ukraine. In response to the call, the Ukrainian Army is likely to have a much more powerful ATGM, the MMP, on its payroll in the near future, in addition to providing more Javelin or NLAW.

Missile Moyene Portee (abbreviated MMP) was developed by MBDA Corporation in response to a request from the French Army for an anti-tank missile capable of defeating all advanced tanks to enemy bunkers and fortifications. The MMP missile has an infrared and low-light optoelectronic detector (Low-Light TV), a relatively light weight of only 15 kg, and a body diameter of 140 mm, but it can penetrate up to 1,000 mm of uniform steel behind armor. An advanced two-stage warhead provides an explosive response.

The MMP resembles its predecessor, the MILAN anti-tank missile. However, it shares many similarities with the American Javelin and the Israeli Spike, though the tactical performance is far superior. The MMP, which was inspired by the Eryx anti-tank missile, is especially suitable for deployment in small and narrow spaces due to its significantly reduced ejection force.

The MMP anti-tank missile complex is quite impressive, and it includes a launcher, a hand-held fire control device with day-night optical sight, and a foldable tripod. The total combat weight is just 26 kg. MBDA equips the MMP missile with the ability to fire non-line of sight (NLOS) missiles to destroy distant and obscured targets.

What makes this system unique is that the crew can choose how to launch depending on the mission, which can be launch and forget (Fire and Forget) or manual control during firing (Man in the Loop) thanks to the ability to shoot and forget The surveyor will indicate the target through the fire control system, then fire, the missile will fly up and attack the roof of the tank or the ceiling of the fortification,

The MMP missile is said to be immune to all types of jamming, including active defense systems, thanks to its high-tech detector. Furthermore, the manual control feature allows the crew to guide the missile at all times, allowing them to track the projectile’s flight path from the launch tube to the target’s destruction.

Analysts predict that if Ukraine deploys MMP anti-tank missiles soon, the Russian military, particularly the armored forces, will face a particularly difficult period on the battlefield.

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