US says Russia changed tactics in order to issue a victory declaration as early as May

According to US intelligence, Russia is shifting its strategy to focus on the Donbass and other eastern Ukrainian regions in order to declare victory as early as May.

Photo by AP

Russia is said to be changing its strategy, concentrating its forces in the eastern region in order to achieve a military victory in early May, more than a month after launching a military operation in Ukraine. According to intelligence sources, a number of senior US officials. To that end, Russia is said to be preparing to name a commander-in-chief of the military operation in Ukraine for the first time, most likely a general in charge of southern Ukraine, where Moscow has a stronghold. According to the source, Russia is under pressure to win a victory in Ukraine before Victory Day (May 9), with eastern Ukraine being the most promising front for Moscow’s strategy. Russia wanted to end its military operation in Ukraine by May 9, according to the General Staff of Ukraine’s Armed Forces.

The 77th anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany, also known as Victory Day, falls on May 9. Victory Day is one of Russia’s most important holidays, with parades held all over the country. “Regardless of the state of the conflict or the progress of peace talks, Russia will march on Victory Day,” a European defence official said.

Photograph by Vadim Ghirda / AP / Shutterstock

Russia, according to US intelligence, is aiming to win on a smaller scale by early May, partly due to weather factors. The ground has begun to soften as winter has passed, making it more difficult for Russian ground forces to advance.

However, Western officials claim that this is a difficult goal to achieve, and it appears that the Russian military is still preparing for a larger conflict.

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