Israel could provide Ukraine with anti-tank missiles that are “more powerful than Javelin.”

Israel’s Spike anti-tank missile, which is more powerful than the Javelin, may soon appear on Ukrainian battlefields.

When its FGM-148 ammunition stockpile is depleted and needs to be replenished in the near future, the US will seek to assist Ukraine with the more powerful anti-tank missile. As previously reported, the Pentagon recently advised Ukraine to use the anti-tank missile (ATGM) FGM-148 Javelin sparingly because they were no longer available to continue the aid. Even so, Washington offered to supply them with additional ATGMs.In light of the foregoing, it has been reported that Washington is collaborating with an Israeli defence firm to purchase Spike anti-tank missiles manufactured in Tel Aviv for transfer to Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Army will receive extremely powerful anti-tank missiles if Spike anti-tank missiles are delivered; the tactical features of this ATGM line are even more valued than Javelin. Spike is a family of anti-tank guided missiles developed in the late 1980s by Israel’s Rafael Advanced Systems to meet operational needs in new situations. In addition, the Spike is a “fire and forget” anti-tank missile that can be launched from a variety of platforms, with its two-stage concave warhead capable of defeating all of today’s most advanced main battle tanks. There are also explosive fragmentation warheads and thermobaric warheads that can be used to destroy a wide range of targets.

There are many different types of spike missiles, each with a different range. The optical-television method is used in the mid-range (MR), long-range (LR), and increased-range (ER) versions, allowing for maximum efficiency and range; attack on the car’s roof, similar to the US FGM-148 Javelin. Short-range Spike (SR) is the most recent version designed for urban warfare, specialising in destroying fixed and moving targets. It has a range of 50 to 1,500 metres and is equipped with photoelectric and infrared detectors to help with anti-interference and increase the likelihood of hitting the target. The Rafael Corporation also launched the Spike anti-infantry (APGW) mini missile, which has a range of 1.3 to 1.5 kilometres and is so precise that it can shoot through windows, obstacles, and other obstacles to damage the enemy’s infantry force.

Spike ER2 is a more advanced version of Spike ER, featuring a dual-band wireless two-way data transmission system that allows it to destroy targets from greater distances (10 km when launched from the ground and water surface, 16 km from helicopter). The missile’s self-guided head has a high-resolution infrared sensor that can acquire target images over a wide range, and the tracking device is a multi-spectral type that can integrate data from satellite sensors.

The Spike NLOS (Non Line Of Sight) anti-tank missile is the most advanced version of the Spike anti-tank missile family, with a range of up to 25 kilometres, far exceeding any opponent in the world. Spike NLOS is unique in that it has a two-way opto electronic navigation system with a real-time data link, allowing it to accurately attack and destroy a variety of targets in the affected area while remaining completely obscured.

This weapon has two attack modes: direct attack in line with the target in sight, or flying according to coordinates determined by other reconnaissance vehicles after leaving the launch pad, which is useful for targets that are obscured or far away. The special weapon system described above can shoot accurately and destroy combat targets at any time of day or night, in any weather condition. The highly manoeuvrable 4×4 SandCat light armoured vehicle is the most popular chassis for the Spike NLOS.

It’s unclear which version of the Spike the United States will purchase to supply its allies. It’s also worth noting that, while Tel Aviv refuses to provide Ukraine with direct arms aid, there are no restrictions on selling to the US.

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