This year, the Pakistan Air Force will get the FKD-900P and other EADS systems, as well as a Pakistan-specific derivative of the CHL-9/8 series of EW systems, to establish an integrated electronic warfare capability.

The CHL-906/806/FKD-900/LDK-190 (and others) are included in the induction, along with indigenous jamming platforms, and are a ground-based offensive electronic countermeasures system used for jamming opposing aircraft. The system is highly mobile, easily deployable on the front lines, and capable of both electronic jamming and ELINT. The system can also conduct multi-dimensional electronic reconnaissance and communicate with multiple hard-kill ADS systems across Pakistan via data-link to provide an effective, coordinated, and networked area-denial/anti-access capability for enemy aircraft. The system also includes an ELINT/ESM command and control station, which is primarily used to detect and locate all electromagnetic waves (including land, sea, and air-based electromagnetic signals) on the battlefield.

It creates an information chart for decision-making and deployment after rapid analysis. The system is also responsible for SIGINT.
The system has an OEM range of 324 nautical miles (600 kilometres) and a maximum effective radiated power of 500 kilowatts. The technology is capable of engaging and jamming airborne UHF/VHF voice and data radios. The system can successfully jam adversary ground-based and air-based communications nodes, including as AEWACS and its ground entry systems, command and control nodes, aerial data-links (both fighter-to-fighter and AAM-to-fighter), satellite communications, and GPS/GLONASS. Basically, the devices will be able to see, record, alter, and seize everything that travels on electromagnetic frequencies.
Pakistan has bought 45 of these devices, and deliveries are set to begin soon. The complete integrated EADS network will be made up of many systems. This acquisition is consistent with the PAF’s strategy of “smart inductions,” which are designed to severely limit the enemy’s capacity to conduct operations within their own boundaries.

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