The United States has sent F-16 fighter planes to prowl the Black Sea.

American pilots from Italy’s Aviano Air Base have been ordered to march to Romania to take part in patrols in the Black Sea region.

Six F-16 Fighting Falcon planes from the US Air Force’s 510th Telematic Fighter Squadron landed at Fetesti Air Base in Romania on April 29 to carry out a Black Sea patrol mission, according to news sources.

These planes will take the position of the 480th Expeditionary Fighter Squadron’s fighters, which have been stationed here since early February. It is expected that US F-16 planes will accompany the Italian Air Force’s Typhoon fighters during this move.

Six US jets are stationed in Romania as part of NATO’s mission to monitor airspace over the Black Sea.

In response to Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine, NATO has been calling on member countries to join the collective airspace control mission in the Black Sea region since February of this year.

“The continuing presence of US F-16s in NATO’s southeastern region will ensure NATO airspace control operations maintain operational capability and battle readiness.” Commander of US Air Forces in Europe and Africa, General Jeff Harrigian, gave his thoughts.

“On NATO’s eastern flank, our ability to operate with alliance forces in the region will boost our collective defence and fast response capabilities,” Harrigian continued.

Since the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine war, the US has stationed a large number of planes above NATO countries’ territory. AH-64 Apache combat helicopters, as well as contemporary F-35 Lightning II and F-15 Eagle fighters, will be sent to NATO locations in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Romania.

The F-16 Fighting Falcon is a multi-role jet fighter aircraft that has been in service since 1978. It was developed by General Dynamics and Lockheed Martin. It was originally intended to be a light fighter, but it has since evolved into one of the world’s most popular aircraft. One of the most successful multi-role fighters ever produced. The fighter’s best characteristics are its flexibility, amazing acceleration, inexpensive cost, simple control mechanism in high gravity settings, and superior weapon system. Currently, the F-16 Fighting Falcon serves as the primary fighter in the air forces of 26 different countries.

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