The US acknowledged assisting Ukraine in locating the Russian warship Moskova.

Before the warship Moskva sank in the Black Sea on April 14, the US side claims it disclosed the cruiser’s location with Ukraine.

According to an unidentified US official, Washington gave intelligence with Ukraine regarding the location of the Russian Navy cruiser Moskva, which was operating off the coast of Snake Island, before it was attacked and sunk. Since the special military operation, this is considered a significant loss for Moscow.

when the Ukrainian side learned of the cruiser’s location, it opted to assault it with anti-ship missiles. In addition, US intelligence gave details on the activity of numerous more Russian navy warships in the Black Sea.

However, the Ukrainian side has yet to issue an official statement confirming that Neptune anti-ship cruise missiles were deployed to target the cruiser Moscow, as reported by US media. According to Russian officials, the Moskva ship caught fire during an operation, resulting in an explosion in the weapons depot and sinking while its route to Sevastopol.

According to a Military Cognizance correspondent, US President Joe Biden’s administration is extending intelligence sharing with Ukraine and increasing military help to Kiev since Russia initiated a special military operation.

The US’s assistance for information to help Ukraine attack Russian vessels comes as Republicans press the White House to be more determined in its support for Ukraine in its fight with Russia.

Since Russia’s military attack on Ukraine on February 24, the White House has tried to strike a balance between supporting Ukraine and limiting Russia’s potential to force the US and its allies into a direct military conflict with Ukraine. Russia. As the war progresses, though, Washington is steadily loosening its restrictions on providing important intelligence with Kiev.

Our source also stated that the US was unaware of Ukraine’s plan to strike the Moskva ship before it occurred.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said earlier on Thursday (May 5) that the US “does not provide intelligence on the location of senior military leaders on the battlefield or participate in the decisions of the Ukrainian army to attack Russian military targets,” in response to a New York Times report on the US role in supporting Ukraine on the battlefield.

Mr. Kirby explained, “Ukraine mixes the information we and other partners supply with the information they are collecting and then makes their own conclusions and actions.”

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