Russia is developing new hypersonic missiles to improve its air assault capabilities.

Russian officials claim that the country is working on a new hypersonic missile that can be launched from long-range bombers like the Tu-22M3M.

Moscow is creating a new generation of hypersonic missiles, according to Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov, to launch attacks from the air, sea, and land.

On the Tu-22M3M long-range strategic bomber, Deputy Prime Minister Borisov said a new hypersonic missile variant was also tested.

The Russian Defense Ministry is also responsible for the modernisation of the Kinzhal and Kalibr hypersonic missile lines.
Current Russian hypersonic missiles, such as the Kinzhal, have a near-zero chance of being intercepted by Western air defence systems. These missiles can travel at up to Mach 10 (about 12,000 km/h) and are extremely agile.

Borisov claims that the upgrading programme will considerably increase the Kinzhal and Kalibr’s offensive capabilities, with the Kalibr’s range being extended.

Russia has amassed sufficient high-precision missiles and ammunition to carry out all of the Russian armed forces’ missions, including the special military operations in Ukraine.

“According to the opposition’s claims, Russia has been out of missile arsenals since March, but this has not occurred. Defense industrial complexes continue to deliver adequate missiles in the quantities requested. Russia’s missile arsenal is sufficient to complete all of the army’s missions “Borisov, the Deputy Prime Minister, underscored.
A senior Pentagon official indicated earlier this month that Russia was “running out” of precision-guided weapons. On the May 9, Russia launched an air strike in the vital port city of Odessa with a Kinzhal hypersonic missile at claimed Ukrainian military objectives. The attack occurred during a visit to the city by European Council President Charles Michel.

Russian missiles also targeted a retail mall, two hotels, and a warehouse, according to Ukrainian officials.

The Russian Defense Ministry has yet to respond to this news.

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