Russia has deployed new laser weaponry in Ukraine.

The Zadira laser weapon, which is currently in use in Ukraine, can kill targets from a distance of 5 kilometres.

On May 18, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yury Borisov revealed that Moscow is using laser weapons in the military operation during an online interview on national television. Ukraine, in particular.

“The delivery of laser weapons has begun (to the Russian army). During a special military operation in Ukraine, the first systems were installed “Borisov expressed his thoughts.

It’s worth noting that the new Zadira laser weapon system can strike and destroy targets from a distance of 5 kilometres. The Zadira laser weapon system is thought to be more powerful than Peresvet.

Zadira’s main skill is to thermally strike and destroy things at a distance of 5 kilometres. Without utilising pricey missiles like Pantsyr or Tor, the system can “easily shoot down several different types of drones.”

While Russian President Vladimir Putin initially mentioned the Peresvet weapon system in a speech in 2018, there was little information available at the time. Peresvet is widely used, according to Mr. Borisov. It can blind reconnaissance satellites from 1,500 kilometres away or ignite a drone from 5 kilometres away in under 5 seconds.

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