Chechen leader issues warning to Poland

The leader of the Republic of Chechnya (under Russian control) has stated that his country’s armed forces are ready to attack Poland, and that Poland should return the weapons it gave Ukraine.

A video of Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov saying that “the Ukraine issue is over” and that he is “worried about Poland” was recently circulated on Twitter. “If we were in charge after Ukraine, we would demonstrate our skills in six seconds,” Kadyrov added.He warned that Chechnya’s military are “ready to strike Poland,” and that the European country should get the weaponry it supplied Ukraine back as soon as possible.

Kadyrov also urged Poland to “seek forgiveness for what it did to the Russian ambassador” in the video. The Chechen commander appeared to be referring to the incident in which Russian Ambassador to Poland Sergei Andreev was pelted with red paint during a Victory Day celebration in Poland, owing to public outrage in Warsaw over Russia’s military campaign in the country.

Poland is one of the countries that has supplied weapons to Ukraine in order to assist it in dealing with Russia’s military campaign. In addition, the country is seen as a transit site for Western armaments destined for Ukraine. Kadyrov’s statement alarmed several Polish politicians, who feared that their country would be attacked.

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