Russia criticizes the United States for providing rocket artillery to Ukraine.

The Russian Deputy Foreign Minister denounced the United States for supplying Ukraine with HIMARS rocket artillery, claiming that the move risks a direct clash between the two countries.

This is a really bad approach in our opinion. Any attempt to present this as a decision based on’restraint’ is fruitless. The fact is that the United States is leading a group of countries in sending armaments to Ukraine,” According to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, Washington is considering supplying Kiev with M142 HIMARS rocket artillery.

Arms supply to Ukraine, according to Deputy Minister Ryabkov, might enhance the likelihood of a direct confrontation between Russia and the United States.

“This series of events has been regarded by us as a plan to wage war on the remaining Ukrainians. He described the situation as “unprecedented and extremely dangerous,” accusing the US of “doing nothing.” “to identify ways to deal with the Ukraine crisis .The remarks came after a US official, who asked to remain anonymous, announced on May 31 that the country will transfer the HIMARS rocket artillery system to Ukraine. “Russia’s march into Ukrainian territory will be met with the HIMARS rocket systems. They will not be utilised to target Russian territory, according to the Pentagon “According to the official,

President Joe Biden earlier stated that the US will not provide Ukraine with missile systems capable of striking Russian targets.

Military experts believe that rocket artillery weapons such as HIMARS will aid the Ukrainian army significantly. These are contemporary weapons that will considerably increase the fighting capability of the Ukrainian army, which currently only has Soviet-era rocket artillery.

The HIMARS complex’s guided rockets and ATACMS missiles, on the other hand, are not appropriate for launching in big batches against targets dispersed across a large area, such as Russian infantry formations in the Donbass region of eastern Ukraine. Each M142 HIMARS launcher can hold six 227 mm calibre bullets. The guided M30/M31 projectile has a range of 70 kilometres, whereas the unguided M26 type has a maximum range of 45 kilometres. Meanwhile, both Russia and Ukraine are employing powerful rocket artillery, the BM-27 with a range of 35 kilometres and the BM-30 with a range of 70 kilometres, to threaten targets.

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