The AT4 anti-tank gun, which the US is supplying to Ukraine, has some unique features.

Despite its simple design and ease of usage, the AT4 anti-tank weapon is a highly effective anti-tank and anti-armor missile.


According to a White House declaration, the US would supply Ukraine with 6,000 AT4 anti-tank weapons. The AT4 is one of the most basic anti-tank weapons that new recruits to the US Army must learn to use during their initial training. Because of the AT4’s basic design, soldiers can quickly learn how to operate it.

These are, however, formidable weapons that are seen to be the finest countermeasures against tanks and armoured vehicles, and can be of tremendous assistance to defending forces. Because most reserve soldiers were previously exclusively equipped with AK-47s, American analysts believe that volunteers with no military experience in Ukraine will be able to increase their combat capabilities with this weapon.

The AT4 has an 84 mm calibre, a length of about 1 metre, and a weight of 6.7 kilogrammes. It’s tough, light, and portable, and it can be worn on the shoulder, allowing soldiers to keep their guns. Because this is a disposable non-guided weapon, the user must try to hit the target before the launch tube is thrown away.

The AT4 has a low recoil and can be used against light tanks (it will not function against main battle tanks), armoured personnel vehicles, bunkers, Saab Bofors Dynamics, a Swedish armaments company, manufactures these. Over the years, Saab claims to have produced more than a million AT4s, with the US military alone ordering 600,000 units. This weapon has improved over time in terms of sight, scope, additional strap, and other accessories. In the early 1980s, the US military was one of Saab’s first AT4 clients. At least 20 countries are presently using the weapon.

The AT4 is based on the 74 mm Pansarskott M68, which was deployed by the Swedish army in the 1960s. It was likewise based on the Carl Gustaf anti-tank system with an 84 mm recoilless cannon. Whereas Carl Gustaf’s launch tubes were made of expensive and heavy steel with internal grooved barrels, the AT4’s launch tubes were made of lighter and less expensive fibreglass.

The AT4 was introduced to the US military in 1982. In 1983, the US Army tested six weapons and determined that the AT4 met all of the requirements to replace the M72 LAW unguided light anti-tank weapon.

There is a straight shot mode on the AT4. The gunner must remove the safety pin, adjust the visors, and aim using the mechanical sights that have been enabled. Then, with your thumb, press the red fire button forward.

This is a single-shot weapon that can fire a variety of ammunition, including high explosive anti-tank (HEAT) ammunition capable of penetrating 420 mm of uniform armour, HEDP 502 ammunition for destroying bunkers, fortifications, and lightly armoured targets, AST double-explosive high-explosive shells, high-explosive ER, HE shells, higher penetrating HP ammo with 500-600 mm penetration,AT12 can breach the front armour of any modern combat tank, and AT8 is a newly created ammunition for bunker bombardment.

AT4 will most likely be utilised as a last-ditch anti-tank weapon. It’s not a replacement for Javelin guided missile systems or new generation anti-tank weapons (NLAW), which are designed to take out main battle tanks. It is, nevertheless, incredibly simple to operate, and novices can learn how to use it in no time. The AT4’s downside is that it emits a harmful stream of gas behind it, which can hurt the weapon operator or friendly forces in the region it shoots, as well as exposing the gunner. When this weapon is discharged, a soldier who is standing behind it can be gravely hurt. As a result, this weapon is difficult to employ in confined spaces. To address this flaw, the company has introduced the AT4-CS, a new model designed specifically for urban warfare.

The AT4-CS employs a unique salt water shock absorber to absorb impact, reducing the pressure of the airflow travelling to the rear and making it appropriate for close battle conditions. It measures 91 cm in length, weighs 7.5 kg, and has a range of 274 metres. HP and RS warheads are offered for the AT4-CS.

Since Russia’s military assault in Ukraine began, the US and its European allies have poured arms into Kiev. It is unclear whether the armaments delivered by the West will be sufficient to assist Ukraine in turning the situation around on the ground. However, Russia has warned that this is an attempt to exacerbate tensions, potentially leading to a direct confrontation between Russia and NATO. Anatoly Antonov, Russia’s ambassador to the United States, stated yesterday (March 22) that supplying weapons and deploying mercenaries to Ukraine are “very dangerous” tactics that directly endanger European and global security. Western countries are acting “irresponsibly,” according to Anatoly Antonov.

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