Suicide drones were utilised successfully by Russia in its military offensive in Ukraine.

Russian KUB and Lancet kamikaze drones have been actively used in Ukrainian operations, according to state corporation Rostec.

“Both the KUV and Lancet UAVs have demonstrated their worth in warfare.” Both of these drone models are fast, silent, and simple to operate, with a range of tens of thousands of kilometres and exceptional accuracy, according to Rostec Corporation.

These UAVs, according to Rostec, are primarily utilised to attack ground targets from afar. The Lancet, in particular, has a high level of independence and is equipped with an electro-optical system that allows them to seek and destroy targets independently.

ZALA Aero manufactures the KUB unmanned aerial vehicle (under Rostec). The UAV model has a 3 kilogramme warhead, can fly for 30 minutes, and can reach speeds of 130 km/h. In November 2021, KUB was declared victorious in state trials. The Russian army will receive mass deliveries in 2022.

A multitude of coordinate-based, opto-electronic, and hybrid technology-based targeting systems are featured in The Lancet, which was also developed by ZALA Aero. This UAV type includes a television communication channel for transmitting target photos and verifying target destruction. The Lancet has a maximum take-off weight of 12kg and can hit targets within 40 kilometres.

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