Russia used Su-57 fighter aircraft to “strike Ukraine’s air defence network.”

To assault Ukrainian air defence systems, a fleet of four Su-57 stealth jets flew in a synchronised formation.

“A fleet of four Su-57 stealth warplanes has been deployed by the Russian Air Force to locate and strike Ukraine’s air defence network. These fighters constitute a single information network that can communicate and broadcast target specifications and positional data in real time “a source in the Russian air force, who did not want to be identified, stated.

The Su-57’s integration into the unified battle information system has substantially improved the effectiveness of target attacks, according to this source, and the fighter’s radar-stealth capability has also been validated in the ongoing operation in Ukraine.

The defence ministries of Russia and Ukraine have not responded to the report.

This is the first time Russian official media has reported on the Su-57 stealth fighter’s role in disrupting Ukraine’s air defence network. According to unnamed Russian defence industry sources, the Su-57 fighter jet began fighting in Ukraine roughly 2-3 weeks after the ground offensive.

During these battles, the Su-57 flew outside the range of enemy air defence systems, hitting targets on Ukrainian soil with a variety of missiles.

According to American military experts, deploying Su-57s for the military campaign in Ukraine is in keeping with Russian air force activities. This stealth fighter is equipped with a variety of long-range missiles that can strike several targets deep within enemy territory from a vast distance.

Operating outside of enemy air defence range reduces the possibility of Russia’s most advanced fighter jet getting shot down or crashing due to mechanical issues.

Operating outside Ukraine’s airspace isn’t a significant deal for the Su-57 when it comes to air-to-air missions. The Su-35S’s baseline R-77-1 active radar-guided missile has a range of 110 kilometres, while the enhanced K-77M variant tested on the Su-57 has a range of 200 kilometres.

The Su-57 can also carry Izdeliye 810 long-range missiles, a variant of the R-37M series designed to fit inside stealth fighter weapons bays. The Izdeliye 810 missile’s performance has yet to be revealed, however the original R-37M type can kill targets from a range of 200 kilometres.

The Russian Air Force also appears to be putting to the test a number of surface-to-surface weaponry designed specifically for this stealth fighter.

The Kh-59MK2 cruise missile, which specialises in eliminating tiny and solid targets from a range of 290 kilometres, the Kh-58UShK anti-radar missile, which can be hidden in the fuselage, and the Kh-38M, which has a modular design that may be carried, are among them.

1 thought on “Russia used Su-57 fighter aircraft to “strike Ukraine’s air defence network.””

  1. Humm…. I will take …one, maybe 2ea F22’s to take these lightweights out. These Russians and there old, outdated sensors and real time battlefield communication NTWK is crap. Then let’s take it up a notch and use the F35 package with its screaming NTWK comm’s. These guys would not have a prayer. Just my opinion…


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