Israel claims to have made significant advances in its bombing capabilities against Iran.

The duty of striking critical sites deep within Iranian territory is expected to be assigned to Israel’s F-35 stealth jets carrying 1-ton bombs.

The Israeli Air Force recently announced that it now has the capability to target Iranian territory without the use of aerial refuelling planes.

Previous Israeli attacks on Iran necessitated the use of American refuelling planes or Israeli jets landing at an ally airfield.

The Israeli Air Force has already surmounted this challenge, however Israeli media have not revealed how the country’s military modified the F-35s to allow them to fly further. Israel is the only ally country that the US allows to adjust the F-35 stealth fighter’s characteristics depending on the combat mission.

Furthermore, Israel has upgraded the F-35 warplanes to carry a one-ton bomb made by Israeli arms producer Rafael Advanced Defense Systems.

Israel has modified it to carry a one-ton bomb made by the Israeli armaments manufacturer Rafael Advanced Defense Systems.

Israel is somewhat self-sufficient in armaments to attack Iran, having created large bombs without relying on US supplies.

the new bomb is integrated with an anti-jamming device located inside the F-35’s armament compartment, without compromising the fighter’s stealth capability.

Israel’s strike strategy against Iran is continually being modified, according to Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, who stated this on June 6. Instead of attacking critical facilities, the Israeli military might now attack Iran’s headquarters.

Iran is accused by Israel of secretly building nuclear weapons, which Israel regards as a red line. Iran has consistently said that its nuclear programme is solely for peaceful purposes.

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