Russia has warned of the dangers of a direct “war” with the United States.

While cyber confrontations between the two sides are on the decline, a senior Russian official has warned that the country and the US might ignite into a real-world war.

Last week, US Cyber Command Commander Paul Nakasone revealed that the unit has conducted a variety of operations, including “offensive” and “defensive,” as well as “information warfare operations,” to aid Ukraine in coping with Russia’s over 100-day military campaign.

Andrey Krutskikh, Russia’s presidential special envoy for information security cooperation, accused the US of making a “provocative cyber maneuver against Russia and its partners” a few days after the announcement. In an interview with the Russian publication Kommersant,.

A growing battle between Russia and the United States in cyberspace, according to the official, might lead to a scenario in which the two countries fight in the actual world.

Mr. Krutskikh sent a note to the Russian Foreign Ministry, stating that “rest assured, Russia would not let any assault go unpunished.”

Mr. Krutskikh, who is also the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry’s International Information Security Department, said that the manner and location of a reaction from Moscow are still being evaluated, but that “measures” are being taken.

“We shall go with purpose and in accordance with our laws as well as international law.”

He said last month that “Cyberattacks on Russia’s essential information infrastructure have involved more than 65,000 hackers from the United States, Turkey, Georgia, and other European nations on a regular basis. There are a total of 22 cyber groups operating illegally against Russia.”

He also accused the United States of bending the rules in order to conduct cyber operations against Russia. If the situation does not improve, he warns of real-world confrontations, including a showdown between the world’s two most powerful nuclear nations.

“The militarization of cyberspace and the attempt to convert it into a battleground between states has considerably increased the risk of a direct military collision with unforeseeable repercussions,” Krutskikh said.

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