On the Ukrainian battlefield, the Switchblade UAV scored its first kill.

For the first time, the Ukrainian Army used the American Switchblade UAV on the battlefield, and it exceeded expectations

The Switchblade UAV has not only made its way to the Ukrainian Army, but it is also being used to attack and destroy targets on the battlefield. The US Department of Defense only recently made this information public. Ukraine is said to have received 100 Switchblade 300 attack drones, with the same number of Switchblade 600 UAVs (designed to destroy armoured vehicles) being delivered, according to official data. According to the Pentagon, a large number of Switchblade drones have been delivered to Ukraine, but more are on the way. Furthermore, Washington does not rule out the possibility of providing many other types of US-made attack UAVs in the future.

Even so, the US Department of Defense has decided to withhold information about the use of attack drones, citing a security concern about disclosing the specific operation of the Switchblade UAV on the battlefield. The Switchblade is a single-purpose tactical attack drone developed by AeroVironment in the United States, based on the Israeli Harpy and Harop’s success. The light Switchblade 300 and the heavy Switchblade 600 are two different models of this UAV line. Currently, the United States has given Ukraine both versions to use for various purposes.The Switchblade 300 is intended to destroy light armoured vehicles as well as enemy personnel. There is an option for the UAV to attack enemy drones as well.

The UAV is small in size, with a length of 610 mm and a total weight of only 2.7 kg, and it folds easily into a backpack. Switchblade 300 is a mortar-launched aircraft with a range of up to 10 kilometres and a flight time of about 10 minutes. The drone identifies, tracks, and hits the target using digital cameras and GPS. It can also be automated to attack a stationary target with provided coordinates. The Switchblade 300’s warhead is similar to that of a grenade, and it can explode when it hits a target or detonates in the air. The operator has the ability to cancel the attack and reroute the drone. UAV powere

6 thoughts on “On the Ukrainian battlefield, the Switchblade UAV scored its first kill.”

    • Wouldnt that be too much common sense for this administration? Instead of spending trillions on build back better and the rest of nonsensically things, build back our military better! Yes start restocking our defense system

      • Really? We spend an incredible amount of money on our military. Everything will be “restocked” easily. Congress will shovel money in.

        Yet you think spending money on our infrastructure here, for us, is “nonsensical”? We should just keep shoving all our money into the military and let everything else decay? Sounds great. Makes a ton of sense.

        • Yeah really! Name one single reason why we need to invest in infrastructure when we could sink every penny into the military so we can start recording our own ‘Only in Russia’ type videos! Nothing beats seeing a tank jump across a deteriorated freeway on my dash cam! /s

        • Most of your military spending is for personnel, benefits, retirement packages, overhead for base maintenance, housing costs, medical costs. The DoD budget is white collar welfare. Privatize the military!!

  1. Congratulations Ukraine and thanks USA. Send MANY more Switchblades to help Ukraine defend itself against Russian imperialism. After all those Ukrainians are, ultimately, defending you.


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