US to provide target intelligence for Ukraine to conduct long range missile attacks

Colin Cole, the US Under Secretary of Defense for Political Affairs, stated that the US would supply Ukraine with intelligence on potential targets for long-range missile assaults.

According to Cole, the US will assist Kiev with information on priority targets so that the Ukrainian Armed Forces do not spend high-precision guided munitions supplied by the West to the MLRS on secondary targets. ukraine russian

Because the use of MLRS ammunition is similar to the use of missiles on an aeroplane, the US will supply information on targets on Ukrainian soil for the Ukrainian Armed Forces to choose from.

The Pentagon representative underscored that the US does not intend to alter Russia’s current system; rather, Washington’s primary goal is to prevent Moscow from gaining control of Ukraine.

In the first delivery from the United States, Ukraine will receive four MLRS HIMARS (high mobility missile systems) systems. More systems will be sent to Kiev by the US in the future.

Ukraine will also receive the MLRS M270 and MARS II systems from the United Kingdom and Germany.

The MLRS are truck-mounted rocket launchers that are more mobility than the US-supplied howitzers in Ukraine. To escape enemy counter-fire, MLRS systems use a shoot-and-run technique, which involves moving away from the firing point as quickly as possible.

Each M270 launcher can carry either 12 basic rockets with a range of 30 to 70 kilometres or one ATACMS tactical surface-to-surface missile with a range of up to 300 kilometres. Two ATACMS can be carried in the upgraded version.

HIMARS, on the other hand, is a lighter, faster-moving system than the M270, which may be equipped with either a launcher with six basic rockets or an ATACMS.

If an M270 with 12 launchers weighs around 26 tonnes, HIMARS has only 6 tubes, is mounted on a small vehicle, and weighs approximately 16 tonnes. As a result, HIMARS may be easily transported by C-130 cargo planes. There are just three operators on each stage, including the driver.

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