In Ukraine, Russia continues to use “mysterious decoy” weapons.

As Moscow ramped up its onslaught on Kharkov, decoy munitions are claimed to have been utilised to fool Ukraine’s defenders.

On the afternoon of June 18, Russian forces stormed the Ukrainian city of Kharkov once more, destroying the city’s industrial zones.

According to preliminary reports, a Russian missile struck Kharkov’s Industrialnyi industrial sector. Ukrainian State Emergency Service (SES) explosives experts discovered parts of a decoy device designed to fool heat-seeking missiles.

“We discovered a 9P899 decoy launched by an Iskander ballistic missile. It had a heat source to attract the Ukrainian air defence system’s missiles. The Ukrainian air defence launched the missile because it does not intercept real missiles but instead targets decoys “Anton Pedchenko, a member of the SES, stated the following.

Passers-by in Kharkov were the first to see decoy weapon fragments on the road. They mistook them for unexploded ordnance at first.

SES also confirmed that these debris were discovered near the location of the last Russian attack on the Kharkiv industrial complex on June 18. “It’s not explosive, but its burning temperature is so high that anyone adjacent could get significant burns,” Pedchenko explained.

Since Moscow launched a military offensive against Ukraine about four months ago, the crisis between the two countries has gotten worse.

Both in terms of weapons and soldiers, Russia is the undisputed leader. Russia is using its dominance in artillery to strike the Ukrainian army on the Donbass battlefield, according to the British Ministry of Defense’s intelligence service.

In addition, Russia has deployed more electronic warfare devices at this time.

Russia’s electronic warfare, according to a Ukrainian intelligence official, poses a “pretty substantial threat” to reconnaissance attempts and command-to-soldier communications. The official stated, “Russia jams GPS receivers on UAVs that Ukraine employs to locate and aim artillery.”

Electronic warfare locates, blinds, deceives, or assists in direct attack on the enemy’s communications, positioning, and navigation systems. To oppose enemy artillery, fighters, cruise missiles, and drones, as well as to defend allied soldiers, this style of battle is used.

Rostec, a Russian company, has declared that its electronic warfare systems have rendered Ukrainian and NATO reconnaissance drones and weapons inoperable. “Electronic warfare systems have been successfully tested on a number of occasions. They jammed all communication channels and rendered the enemy’s navigation system useless on the battlefield, causing them to lose their eyes and ears “Rostec has confirmed this.

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