In the case of a Russian attack, Finland is prepared to defend itself

Due to the army’s methodical efforts, Finland is prepared for a potential Russian attack.

General Timo Kivinen, the commander of the Finnish Defense Forces, said as much in a Reuters interview.

The commander of the Finnish Defense Forces declared, “Finland will be a strong nut, just as Ukraine has proven to be.”

He pointed out that since the Second World War, the nation had built up its military to counter the enemy’s deployment of heavy weapons, armoured vehicles, and planes.

General Timo Kivinen is the head of the Finnish Defense Forces. Image: Reuters

He said that the high fighting spirit of Finnish military, like that of Ukrainian ones, guaranteed their superiority.

The battle in Ukraine has proven that the most crucial line of defence is between our ears (in my head, ed. ), according to Kivinen.

The decision to apply for NATO membership was backed by the commander of the Finnish Defense Forces.

There are 280,000 active duty members and 870,000 reserves in the Finnish Defense Forces.

Recall that Finland and Sweden’s applications to join the Alliance will be discussed at the NATO summit taking place in Madrid at the end of June. 

In light of Russia’s assault against Ukraine, they decided to apply.

Finland and Sweden have applied to join NATO

Finland gave another aid package to Ukraine its blessing on June 10. On security grounds, we cannot divulge exactly what will be supplied or under what conditions.

It is highlighted that the additional military-technical support provided to Finland takes into account both the Defense Forces’ resource position and the current needs of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

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