The BVP M80A infantry fighting vehicles from Slovenia have reached Ukraine. In exchange, a credit from the Americans.

35 armoured infantry amphibious vehicles landed in western Ukraine late Friday night after crossing the Slovenian border on their route to Poland. Slovenia will receive a voucher from the United States for the purchase of weapons with a higher value than the donation in return for the gift. The Eastern Front, where even such antiquated armament is employed to defend against Russian aggression, will most likely get Slovenian armoured vehicles from Ukraine fairly fast.

We stopped a prepared train composition in Prestranek that was intended to be the first significant gift to Ukraine, which has been pleading for assistance in defending its territory for months. Vladimir Putin’s murderous invasion was confined to the fronts in the east close to Donbas and in the south close to Kherson, where the Ukrainian army is getting ready for a counteroffensive. When the Administrative Court ruled that the company S Lux should not resell these vehicles to the war zone, Slovenia, even under Minister Matej Tonin, blocked the attempt at military profiteering. The Ministry of Marjan arc carried out the agreement, which turned out to have very beneficial terms for Slovenia. As a result, Slovenia will earn a large credit from the United States, which, Our knowledge indicates that it will be used for the machinery required for its operation.

The Yugoslav People’s Army used this fairly outdated military tactic, which Slovenia acquired from Yugoslavia and which Yugoimport produced 40 years ago. An amphibious tracked vehicle with a crew of three men and room for an armed division is known as an infantry or infantry fighting vehicle. It is equipped with a 20 mm cannon, a machine gun, and Maljutk anti-tank missile launchers. Currently, only Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) have more BVPs than 500 each. Slovenia kept its commitment to Ukraine and helped to fortify its own borders by supplying the BVP M80, which saw its baptism of fire on the terrible Yugoslavian battlefields.

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