Turkey has “poured cold water” on its plans to export Russian Su-57 and Su-35 combat jets.

Turkey has stated that it will no longer contemplate purchasing Russian-made Su-57 and Su-35 fighter aircraft, which is undoubtedly terrible news for Moscow.

The Su-57 and Su-35 fighters were initially believed to be strong contenders for the Turkish Air Force’s key role in the future, but Russia was disappointed by the newest information from Ankara. Turkey has decided not to purchase Russian Su-35 fighter jets to replace the latest generation of US-made F-16 fighter jets, even if Washington refuses to give them.

Ankara has expressed interest in the British Eurofighter Typhoon fighter jets, according to Russian journalists who investigated the topic.

At the same time, Turkey is refusing to buy Russian Su-57 fifth-generation stealth jets, claiming that it will instead deploy indigenous TF-X fighters with similar capabilities. “If the Turkish government’s desire to buy F-16 fighter jets from the US is denied,” sources acquainted with the situation stated, “the Turkish government may be interested in purchasing Eurofighter Typhoon fighter jets.”

“General Hasan Kuçukakuz, the Commander of the Turkish Air Force, visited the UK last month and toured the Eurofighter group’s major production plant, as well as meeting with the Commander of the Royal Air Force (RAF). – Mike Wingston, Marshal “. “Mr Kuchukakuz also toured the UK’s fast response combat system, which relies heavily on the Eurofighter Typhoon fighter aircraft.”

“The Eurofighter Typhoon fighters have extremely good tactical features, and their quality is exceptional,” a source involved in conversations with the Turkish government about weapons deliveries said. “If Ankara cannot secure these F-16s, they can be a stopgap solution until Turkey formally launches domestic production of the fifth-generation TF-X stealth fighter.”

After repeatedly cancelling high-value copper contracts, the fact that Ankara no longer considers its plan to buy Su-57 and Su-35 aircraft is plainly “cold water” on the Russian defence industry’s frail prospects. Indonesia and Egypt had previously decided to forego the purchase of Russian Su-35 fighter jets in favour of the American-made F-15EX. Meanwhile, the Su-57’s export chances are still just that: dubious.

The fact that Russia was subject to numerous sanctions relating to military activity in Ukraine, the most notable of which was exclusion from the SWIFT international inter-bank payment system, had a huge influence, according to analysts. Not only that, but within the Russian fighter is claimed to be a lot of NATO-origin electronic equipment, despite the fact that Moscow is unable to access foreign sources due to the embargo, and local items are not guaranteed to be of good quality.

Many experts believe that, aside from fighter planes, Russia will be unlikely to export any defence equipment in the coming years, whether high-tech or low-tech.

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