The US spends another 450 million USD on weapons for Ukraine

In order to give Kiev with 4 more multiple rocket launchers, artillery shells, and other weaponry, the US administration of US President Joe Biden announced an extra military aid package of 450 million USD to Ukraine on June 23. other.

The Department of Defense’s current stock of small guns and 18 patrol boats for river and sea surveillance will be used to create the aid package.

Four highly mobile HMARS mobile artillery units, which can hit targets more than 60 kilometres distant, are the most crucial component of this aid package.

Earlier this month, the US approved the first group of four HMARS artillery systems. The artillery was transported to Ukraine, according to a tweet from Oleksii Reznikov, Ukraine’s defence minister, on June 23. The training for using HMARS for 60 Ukrainian soldiers was finished last week.

Since the war between Russia and Ukraine first erupted, the Biden administration has approved more than $6 billion in security aid.

According to John Kirby, the White House National Security Council’s head of strategic communications, the increased aid package is “part of our effort to help Ukraine protect its democracy.”

According to Mr. Kirby, the latest aid package puts the total amount of security aid the US has provided to Ukraine since February 24 to around $6.1 billion and to $6.6 billion since Biden was elected president.

The dispute was at a turning point when the aid package was approved. Western governments must decide whether to keep stepping up their support for Kiev as Kiev’s military runs out of Soviet-era weapons.

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