As tensions rise, does NATO intend to significantly deploy troops near Russia’s border?

To stop Russia, NATO might deploy more personnel and resources to the eastern flank.

The decision by NATO to deploy thousands of troops to Russia’s “doors” may be made in the near future. At the summit on June 30, we anticipate that NATO will debate and reevaluate its relationship with Moscow.

According to our sources, NATO members are prepared to deploy thousands of soldiers and a significant amount of military hardware to Eastern Europe in anticipation of a possible Russian invasion.

Our source stated that NATO “wants to send a statement that they are ready for war and ready to respond to aggression.” NATO will support its military activities and raise defense budget at the upcoming summit.

According to a former diplomat named Jamie Shea, “the key discussion in Madrid will be between Eastern European countries who want to transform NATO battalions into heavily armed brigades permanently stationed on their soil.” A former NATO official is currently in charge of the University of Southern Denmark’s Center for the Study of War.

Future NATO deployment within the boundaries of Eastern European nations may dramatically rise. El Pais claims that NATO soldiers already stationed in Poland and the Baltic nations, which consist of 1,000 to 1,600 personnel, will double in strength, have “more autonomy,” and have “weapon” that are “more advanced.”

According to reports, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia have asked for a total of 15,000 to 50,000 NATO soldiers to be stationed there.

Mariusz Blaszczak, the defense minister of Poland, stated that Warsaw would also want to see a NATO brigade group stationed on its soil because the gateway to the alliance will require “particular attention in the long run.”

Since Russia started its military operation in late February, NATO has likewise increased its presence in its member states that border Ukraine.

Around 40,000 NATO troops are stationed in Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, and Bulgaria in particular. 130 warplanes and 140 warships are deployed by NATO forces in the area on full alert. Additionally, since February, the number of US troops stationed in Europe has climbed from 70,000 to 100,000.

Notably, NATO will update its new strategic concept at the following summit, according to which Russia is viewed as a “immediate and impending threat” capable of striking any nation. which member of NATO?

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