Russia claimed that 85% of Ukraine’s M777 howitzers were destroyed or damaged.

Russia claims that the Ukrainian army may have lost up to 85 percent of the M777 artillery delivered by the US.

If Russian media is to believed, the Ukrainian Army seems to have no more than 20 US M777’s, out of a total of 107 that were previously delivered by the US side.

The majority of the M777 cannons were entirely destroyed, while some suffered severe damage from shrapnel and needed expensive repairs. In actuality, the weaponry provided by the US is only adequate for a month and a half, and it is almost guaranteed that Ukraine won’t receive additional weapons in such big quantities in the future.

The number of US M777 artillery pieces was largely destroyed by Russian artillery and air force in the Donbass region, according to information released by the Russian Defense Ministry. In addition, the majority of the artillery was obliterated at the firing range, according to the analysis of the footage that the Russian Defense Ministry previously provided.

The most notable incidents of the Russian Army destroying US M777 light artillery are captured in the movies that are provided.

The loss of these weapons, according to experts, typically results from the Ukrainian Army failing to conceal its artillery positions from the Russian Army’s reconnaissance capabilities.

On Kubansky Island, which is on the border between Ukraine and Romania, the Russian Air Force destroyed a Caesar self-propelled artillery that had recently been given assistance by France to Ukraine.

This Caesar may be backed up by a 155 mm shell with improved range control as it launches strikes on Zmeiny Island (also known as Snake Island) off the Black Sea coast. The Russian Ministry of Defense has made these details available.

A video of the time the Russian Air Force attacked the Caesar self-propelled artillery system was shown during the Russian Ministry of Defense’s briefing.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, Kiev may be attempting to include NATO in the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict by setting up artillery positions near to Romania’s border, which makes it difficult for Russia to launch attacks owing to the possibility of missiles straying into that country.

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