Watch the failed Kalibr cruise missile launch attempt against Ukraine by the Russian Navy

The Russian Navy Grigorovich-class frigate’s failed firing of the Kalibr cruise missile was captured on camera.

Russian users recently uploaded a video on Telegram depicting the failed launch of a Kalibr cruise missile from the Admiral Grigorovich-class ship of the Russian Navy.

Earlier this week, a warship fired cruise missiles. One of the launched missiles ascended to a height during the launch with success, but by the time the third cruise missile was launched, it unexpectedly plummeted into the ocean just a few tens of meters from the carrier ship. The related video was recorded from a nearby ship where another ship was.
You can watch how an Admiral Grigorovich-class destroyer, one of the most technologically advanced ships in the Russian Navy, unleashes many missiles in the video footage that was captured between July 3 and July 5. There were really four missiles fired in total, but by the time the third missile was launched from the launch silo, the very first missile had unintentionally fallen into the lake. Although the details of the occurrence are unknown, it appears from the video that a spontaneous explosion that might have fallen a few tens of meters from the rocket ship was prevented.

It is fairly certain that the missile was a Kalibr because the frigate was an Admiral Grigorovich-class vessel. Earlier, Russia asserted that the Kalibr is one of its top-tier missiles, but the missile’s failure to launch at a vital time prompted numerous concerns about the reliability of Russian-made missiles. Although the specifics of the incident have not yet been made public, a number of theories suggest that the fall may have been caused by a mechanical issue with the cruise missile engine.

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