One million men are gathered by the Ukrainian army to launch a counterattack.

According to officials in Kiev, the Ukrainian army will soon have a staggering 1 million men.

Although Russia may have lately experienced some success in the Donbass, the Ukrainian Army claims it is assembling a sizable force of up to 1 million soldiers in preparation for a major counteroffensive. Oleksii Reznikov, Ukraine’s defence minister, revealed in an exclusive interview with military cognizance that his country is assembling and training a 1 million-strong army in order to launch a counterattack and recover the areas taken by Russian forces.

Reznikov claims that the coastline districts of southeast Ukraine are of particular interest to the Kyiv government due to their significance to the national economy. The Ukrainian Army had a professional force of about 200,000 troops before to the war, while the reserve army had a size roughly three times larger. However, after over five months of fighting, a significant number of men died or were wounded.

International analysts claim that the Ukrainian Armed Forces are suffering severe fatalities, with 500 to 700 soldiers reportedly dying each day. Not to mention the number of injured soldiers, who are typically three times as numerous as those killed

Therefore, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense will need to undertake conscription and train a lot more men if it hopes to build a “army of 1 million.” This is where the British come in. The British Army would prepare 10,000 Ukrainian soldiers for combat every 120 days, or every four months, according to a pledge made to Volodymyr Zelensky by outgoing British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

While the identity of the next British prime minister is yet unknown, institutional continuity will most likely carry on the work Mr. Johnson started. 10,000 Ukrainians made up the first class that landed in the UK and started training. The training programme is being administered throughout the nation by more than a thousand British soldiers from the 11th Security Force Support Brigade.

In a news statement, British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace stated that “this ambitious new training programme is the next stage in the UK’s assistance of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in its struggle against Russia.” A series of courses make up the training programme, which is designed to take recruits without any prior military training and mould them into soldiers who can fight and live on the front lines of battle.

Special populations are also provided with access to a variety of training programmes, such as classes on tactical first aid, fieldwork, patrolling, and advanced shooting techniques. The British Defense Secretary continued, “We will assist Ukraine in rebuilding its military and stepping up its resistance as it maintains the country’s sovereignty and its right to decide its destiny.

To ensure that Ukrainian forces would receive training in the weapons systems they would really use on the front lines, British instructors even utilised AK assault rifles.

Additionally, they received training on how to operate the most sophisticated weapons that Britain had given to Ukraine, such as STARStreak anti-aircraft missiles and NLAW anti-tank missiles.

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