TB2, Switchblade, and Punisher: The Top Three Drones Used by Ukraine Against Russia

Ukraine Is Using Three Drones Against the Russians – Ukraine has successfully deployed drones to strike enemy tanks and armoured vehicles, analyse bomb damage, and produce targeting information for ally artillery. Unmanned systems are used by the Ukrainian military to transport bomblets, launch anti-tank missiles, and conduct intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance. To demonstrate to the world that Ukraine is becoming an expert in unmanned flight, footage of successful military attacks has been compiled and shared on social media.

To determine how successful these drones are, let’s take a closer look at them. Here are the top three remotely piloted aircraft Ukraine is using in the conflict.

Bayraktar TB2 Is Dominating the Sky

The Bayraktar TB2, built in Turkey by the defence company Baykar, is the first drone that immediately stands out to you.

Having been established in 1986, Baykar now employs 2,000 people and has produced several hundred drones. With multiple confirmed kills, the TB2 medium altitude long endurance combat drone has made Russia pay. The TB2’s ground station consists of a base for launching as well as two terminals for operating the technology. With a full avionics system onboard, the 21-foot-long TB2 can take off and land independently. It has a range of 18,000 to 25,000 feet and can fly for up to 27 hours. It has a 185-mile range. The TB2 features an auto-pilot mode and is not entirely reliant on GPS; it has its own sensors.

Four laser-guided missiles from the Smart Micro Munition are carried by the TB2. It is able to elude Russian air defences due to its reduced radar cross-section.

Russian targets are being blasted by Switchblade Kamikaze drones.

The following drone is renowned for its capacity to “kamikaze,” or commit suicide. The switchblade is well named. These tactical drones, also known as loitering munitions, can be carried by soldiers in rucksacks and fired into the air. There are two models, each with a distinct goal. The “300” is less powerful and intended for anti-personnel strikes, whilst the “600” is more powerful and heavier with larger warheads designed to destroy tanks and armoured vehicles.

Launching these drones simply takes a few minutes. The 600 variant of the drones weights only 50 pounds while being able to fly at least 100 miles per hour. It can linger for 40 minutes and launch attacks on targets 24 miles distant. The Switchblade’s attack strategy can be aborted if no targets are present, which is an intriguing feature. GPS can be used for targeting, or it can be done manually.

Making a Statement About Being a Homegrown Punisher

Ukraine produces the medium-sized Punisher drones, which can simultaneously attack three targets. They are being deployed to harass and blockade Russian supply routes, munitions storage facilities, and command and control hubs. After recuperation and rearmament, they can take to the skies once more in seven minutes.

It can slip behind enemy lines with a range of 29 miles even though it barely flies at 44 miles per hour. With a 4.4-pound bomb payload, The Punisher flies three-hour missions at a height of 1,300 feet.

Between the larger-sized TB2 and the smaller-sized Switchblade, The Punisher fills the space. Punisher is 7.5 feet long, but he has a drawback. The system is more challenging to operate since it depends on another drone called the Spectre to supply it with targeting information.

But once it has the Spectre’s GPS coordinates, it can “shoot and forget,” automatically finding the enemy target.

The three-drone package is successful.

With these three drones, the Ukrainians have taken the Russians by surprise. The invaders had great faith in their ability to defeat aircraft when they entered the conflict. They neglected to include mobile air defences in the early armoured columns, which rendered the TB2 in particular easy prey. One Ukrainian strategy is to destroy the tank in the lead and the tank that is furthest behind it, and then watch as the convoy turns into a parking lot. The Russians have awakened and changed their protocols. The Ukrainian Bayraktar drone is now being shot down.

However, the defence has dozens more on standby. Additionally, the Switchblade blends in well because to its loitering ability for the front lines, but the Punisher may attack from behind. The trio of drones together provide a potent set of aerial strategies. With their use of contemporary drone warfare, the Russians were expected to be the creative team, but the Ukrainians are demonstrating that they can also play a strong hand.

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