Secret Russian drone is captured by Ukrainian military

Unidentified Russian unmanned aerial vehicle has been captured by Ukrainian soldiers.

The drone that Ukrainian soldiers have managed to capture appears to be a strike unmanned aerial vehicle that is capable of transporting unguided, light air bombs.

It is a Russian contemporary Lastochka-M drone, according to Damien Spleeters, the director of British-based Conflict Armament Research. The drone was first observed in late September 2021 during the extensive ZAPAD series of military drills.

This drone, along with certain samples of other Russian weapons and communications gear, will reportedly be checked for the existence of foreign components, according to a British investigator. To follow their supply routes to Russia, this is essential.

The High Explosive Anti-Tank and High Explosive Fragmentation (HE-FRAG) weapons can be dropped from the air onto the Lastochka-M. (HEAT).

According to data that is readily available, the drone weighs 5.2 kg and has a 45-kilometer range. Depending on the mission profile, the endurance can last for up to two hours. When attacking the target, the Lastochka-M unmanned aerial vehicle may travel at a speed of 120 km/h.

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