China Tests Rocket Launch Systems Allegedly Similar to US HIMARS, the MLRS “PCL-191” and “PHL 03”

Beijing An HIMARS-like rocket system was tested in China. The Chinese military has been testing the precise strike capability of its new MLRS in the highlands, according to state media broadcaster CCTV.

The People’s Liberation Army, according to a quote from the Eurasian Times, employs a PCL-191 MLRS mounted on a truck. According to CCTV, these parts were used to launch missiles against targets located several kilometres distant at firing ranges in the western Chinese deserts.

Military analysts claim that the purpose of the PLA’s most recent MLRS demonstration is to show off its firepower and combat readiness. Then, action is taken to address any potential border emergencies. The enhanced range of the Chinese MLRS, which may now attack Indian military equipment close to the disputed border, makes this most recent test much more relevant.

Two 750 mm Fire Dragon 480 tactical ballistic missiles with a combined range of up to 500 km can also be carried by the system. This is also true when it is equipped with eight 370 mm (1412 inch) rockets, each of which has a 350 km range (220 miles).

The rocket launch system’s range has been boosted to 500 km, according to Zhou Chenming, a researcher with the Yuan Wang military science and technology think centre in Beijing. When the PCL191 is deployed at high altitudes, its maximum range is multiplied by multiple, making it more effective.

China also has the PHL 03 in addition. According to Military Today, the Chinese counterpart of the Soviet BM-30 Smerch rocket system is known as the PHL 03, also known as the Type 03. This artillery rocket system’s main function is to attack distant strategic targets.

Airfields, command posts, administrative buildings, air defence batteries, sizable troop concentrations, and so on are a few examples. The PHL 03 still uses 12 launch tubes for 300 mm artillery rockets in its original Russian design.

An average rocket weighs roughly 800 kg and has a 280 kilogramme warhead. The maximum shooting range varies based on the kind of warhead from 70 to 130 kilometres. The function of both PCL 191 and PHL 03 is to fire surface-to-surface rockets, which is nearly identical.

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