The Ukrainian Air Force easily suppressed the Russian Su-35 when receiving the F-15EX fighter

After the US trains its pilots, the Ukrainian Air Force will have a wonderful opportunity to get the F-15EX fighter.

Many foreign military analysts think that the US can give Ukraine an F-15EX fighter jet so that the Ukrainian air force can defeat the Su-35S that is part of the Russian Aerospace Forces. The US government recently approved a financial package worth up to $100 million to directly train Ukrainian pilots on its F-15 and F-16 planes, which is why this assertion is accurate. It is definitely a careful calculation on the part of the US to aggressively train F-15 and F-16 fighter pilots for the Ukrainian Air Force in order to be prepared to transfer cutting-edge fighters to Kyiv at the proper time.

The F-15EX fighter is another combat vehicle that Ukrainian military leaders have listed on their wish list as a way to gain an advantage over contemporary Russian fighters.

If everything goes according to plan, the first F-15EX aircraft might land in Ukraine as soon as late 2022 or as early as 2023, making flying over Ukraine extremely difficult for Russian pilots.

The most recent model of the well-known F-15 Eagle is the F-15EX, also referred to as Strike Eagle on Steroids or Eagle II. The plane will be able to carry more than 20 air-to-air missiles and have superior avionics and sensors. The internal weapon compartment and radar-absorbing coating, which are applied to 5th generation fighters, are integrated into the F-15EX for mild stealth.

Additionally, this fighter has a cutting-edge avionics system that concentrates on the most recent active electronically scanned array radar technology (AESA). The F-15EX is truly a killer in the skies for any adversary aircraft thanks to its enormous arsenal of weaponry, which includes 24 air-to-air missiles of all types.

Consideration should also be given to the F-15EX’s lower operating costs per flying hour than the F-35A, which can cost up to 44,000 USD. Last but not least, the F-15EX fighter’s fuselage will have a side rating of up to 20,000 flying hours, according to the maker, Boeing Corporation, enabling it to last for many decades.

According to the media, the F-15EX fighter will be tasked with destroying the Su-35S and Su-30SM2 aircraft that are part of the Russian Aerospace Forces, enabling the Ukrainian Air Force to better defend the skies. mine.

Despite this, there are still a number of concerns about how the F-15EX fighter aircraft will be maintained and repaired because the Ukrainian military industry facilities are not prepared for this. On the other hand, Kyiv is thought to be able to quickly absorb all the essential knowledge in a comparatively short amount of time given the available scientific and technical background. The United States can ensure the maintenance of allies even during times of war.

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