Russia shows seized GMLRS HIMARS rockets, their scan is pending

At least three captured or undischarged GMLRS M31 rockets are in the possession of the Russian Federation’s armed forces. According to sources in Moscow, their scans are still pending. The M142 HIMARS employs these missiles. There are now at least nine HIMARS missile systems in Ukraine.

At least two unexploded rockets discovered in Krasny Luch have been photographed, according to Russian sources. Recently, this area has been shelled. It has been confirmed that at least six missiles were fired at Krasni Luch. If we accept this information as reality (which is still unconfirmed), each missile salvo will have a 50% failure rate.

GMLRS rockets seized—what will happen next?

Since years, the Russian armed forces have not altered their practise while capturing foreign weaponry. In other words, Russian engineers will create a GMLRS M31 full-size copy in the next days. Of the three, [the most efficient rocket] will undoubtedly take at least one of the following routes:

The replica rocket will go to Moscow’s Central Military District after the full-size GMLRS M31 replica is completed. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has its senior air defence engineers there.
The GMLRS M31 will be hoisted from a specialised crane and encircled by laser scanning equipment as it hovers in the air. The rocket is scanned from every angle in 360 degrees.
The resulting rocket’s dimensions and design are transmitted as data to Russian radar networks, which are always connected whether they are set up over Russian territory or on the battlefield in Ukraine. This indicates that the data is also sent to the radar systems of the mobile and deployed Russian Army air defence systems in Ukraine.


The Russian Ministry of Defense is reportedly dissatisfied with the Russian air defences’ failure to properly intercept GMLRS M31 rockets, according to stories that have surfaced during the past week. Only the Ukrainian side may provide such information.

The management of Almaz-Antey is allegedly under pressure because of the “missing of GMLRS M31” missiles, according to Ukraine. Almaz-Antey is the primary manufacturer of anti-aircraft missile systems for the Russian army.

The Russian S-400 air defence system is allegedly weak against the American M-31 rocket, according to Ukraine. But keep in mind that the S-400 is not intended to block GMLRS M31 rockets. According to [a Russian State Duma member], Pantsir-S1M is the system currently in use to fight US HIMARS.

Are any HIMARS destroyed or captured?

Only the Russian side can provide such information. Numerous M142 HIMARS delivered to Ukraine allegedly have been destroyed, according to at least three press releases from the Russian Defense Ministry.

Ukraine disputes these assertions and labels them as Russian propaganda. Given that there is information on HIMARS usage over the previous 72 hours, Ukraine’s claims about the matter may prove to be accurate.

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