The US congressional party wants to send two weapons systems to Ukraine immediately

On July 18, six US legislators asked the Defense Department to provide anti-aircraft weaponry to Ukraine immediately.

Ground-based air defence systems, like as anti-rocket, artillery, and bullet-proof systems, will be necessary to defend the cities, military infrastructure, and many of the Ukrainian armed troops on the battlefield. On HMMWV combat vehicles, mortars (C-RAM) and Avenger air defence systems are installed “Tuesday, July 18, write, the congressional group sent the petition to Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Lloyd Austin, secretary of defence of the United States.

“While the Avenger system will give the Ukrainian military mobile short-range air defence capabilities, the C-RAM will improve defence against missiles and UAVs that hit a variety of civilian and military assets. against helicopters, UAVs, and low-flying fighters, “said in the petition.

Anti-rocket, artillery and mortar system (C-RAM)

The US military company Raytheon created the C-RAM, a truck-mounted air defense system, based on the Phalanx weapon system installed aboard aircraft carriers. When mounted on a truck, C-RAM is 19.81 meters long, 3.65 meters wide, and 4.26 meters high, weighing a total of 24 tonnes. 4 members on the crew.

Air defense complex C-RAM. 
Photo: Army Recognition

An AN/TPQ-53 rapid reaction radar installed on C-RAM can detect enemy mortars, shells, or missiles up to 60 kilometres away.

The primary armament of C-RAM is an M61A1 multi-barrel cannon that fires computer-controlled 20mm rounds and has a maximum rate of fire of 3,500 to 4,500 rounds per minute. This weapon has an effective range of more than 2 kilometers.

Avenger . air defense system

Avenger, AN/TWQ-1 The US military began using “The Avenger,” a mobile air defence system built by Boeing, in 1989 with the aim of giving military forces on the ground protection capabilities against attacks from cruise missiles, drones, low-flying jets, and hostile helicopters.

The Avenger air defense system fires missiles. 
Photo: Military Today

When mounted on HMMWV battle vehicles, the Avenger weighs 3.9 tonnes and is 4.95 meters long by 2.18 meters wide and 1.64 meters high. the fighting crew of two. The Detroit V-8 diesel engine in the HMMWV linked with the Avenger system has a 135 horsepower capability, allowing it to go at 89 km/h on flat terrain and cover 443 km.

Eight Stinger anti-aircraft missiles distributed between two launchers mounted on the HMMWV combat vehicle make up the Avenger’s primary weaponry. Each rocket is 1.52m long and weighs 10.1kg, of which 3.1kg is made up of explosives. The missile’s effective range is between 4 and 8 kilometers. The HMMWV vehicle is additionally equipped with an M2 machine gun to fight enemy infantry.

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