A severe storm caused the US Navy’s multi-million dollar chopper to flip over

At Norfolk Air Base, nine US Navy military helicopters suffered damage as a result of a severe storm that raced through Virginia. According to the Navy Times, US Navy authorities confirmed on July 27 (local time) reports that a severe storm at Norfolk base destroyed at least nine combat helicopters. The MH-60 Seahawk and MH-53E Sea Dragon, two helicopters with a combined market worth of $30–$50 million, are two of the afflicted models.

A severe storm caused damage to the MH-60 helicopter. Image: Wavy

“After a severe storm passed through the region on Tuesday, at least nine helicopters at Norfolk Chambers Field were destroyed. We are evaluating each helicopter’s damage, and the most basic types include broken propellers, damaged tails, and fuselage damage. In the storm, no officers suffered injuries “According to a Naval Air Forces Atlantic official.

Wind blew the MH-53E helicopter upside down. Image: Wavy

The afternoon of July 26 saw a significant storm in Virginia with wind warnings of up to 100 km/h. Since the storm passed just as technicians at Norfolk base were switching shifts, it was assumed that this was the cause of the officers’ failure to quickly relocate the helicopters to a safe place. Three MH-60 helicopters and one MH-53E may be seen flipped by the wind in pictures shared on social media.

The UH-60 Black Hawk multipurpose transport helicopter, which today serves as the backbone of the US tactical transport helicopter force, was modified to create the MH-60 Seahawk, which is tailored for anti-air warfare. Submarines, surface-to-air missiles, rescue and search teams, logistical support, fire protection… The Mk 105 minesweeping system, side sonar sonar, and the MH-53E aircraft are used to clear mines. Mk 103 mechanical minesweeper and ASQ-14. It may launch from US Navy aircraft carriers or amphibious ships.

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