Ukraine begins to regain Kherson, and Russia controls a large power plant in the east

Ukraine declared that the assault to reclaim the territory had started after raids on the Russian rear in Kherson. In the meantime, Russia has taken control of Ukraine’s second-largest power facility.

On July 28, Oleksiy Arestovych, a presidential adviser for Ukraine, reportedly declared that the operation to reclaim Kherson had officially started after successfully cutting off Russia’s supply line at Kherson. The only choices available to the Russian side were a tactical retreat, surrender, or to put up with ambushes coming from all sides.

The declaration from Ukraine came after its armed forces repeatedly shelled Kherson’s entry and exit bridges, notably the crucial Antonivskiy bridge. The Antonivskiy bridge was severely damaged by the HIMARS system, cutting off Russia’s supply line, according to the Ukrainian Defense Ministry.

The Ukrainian counteroffensive campaign in Kherson is advancing significantly, according to the British Ministry of Defense. After burning at least three bridges over the Dnipro River that Russia used to get food, the British intelligence assessment claimed that “Kherson was almost isolated from other areas controlled by Russia.”

Second-largest power plant in Ukraine is under Russian control.

CNN reports that on July 28, Ukrainian authorities said that Vuhlehirsk, the nation’s second-largest power facility, had been seized by Russian soldiers. East of Donetsk, close to the border with the Luhansk region under Russian administration, is where this coal power plant may be found.

From the Vuhlehirsk power plant, smoke is rising. Image: CNN

“Russian authority over the Vuhlehirsk power plant now has a slight advantage. In addition, rather than attempting to completely seize control of Donetsk, Russia appears to have resorted to defensive strategies in the regions it has already gained.” advisor on informational matters to the Ukrainian president.

The same day, the Defense Ministry of Ukraine reported that its armed forces had resisted three Russian incursions in Donetsk, the scene of numerous violent battles over the previous few months.

Over 25,000 individuals were transported to Russia.

Over 25,000 people, including over 4,000 children, have been evacuated from the two breakaway areas of Donetsk and Luhansk in the last 24 hours, the Russian Defense Management Center said TASS.

Over 3,000 vehicles had entered the Russian border in the previous day, according to Colonel Mikhail Mizintsev, head of the Russian Defense Management Center. Mizintsev added that approximately 2.9 million individuals, including 460,000 children, have been evacuated to Russian territory since the start of the “special operation.”

Another rocket attack was launched in Kiev.

According to the Guardian, Oleksiy Kuleba, the governor of Kiev, said that a missile strike on the Vyshgorod neighbourhood occurred on July 28.

The sky over Kiev, the country’s capital, is smoky black. Image: CNN

“This morning at dawn, a missile attack targeted the Vyshgorod neighbourhood north of Kiev, damaging numerous significant facilities. The force is currently calculating the damage data, and the rescue squad is working urgently “Kuleba made a Telegram announcement.

Additionally, according to Ukrainian authorities, 20 cruise missiles were launched from Belarusian soil into the province of Chernihiv, nine of which struck the city of Goncharivska.

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