Russia has threatened to destroy the biggest nuclear power plant in Europe.

Russia appears ready to destroy Zaporizhzhya, the largest nuclear power plant in Europe, which is located in Ukraine.

The general in charge of the Russian army’s radiational, chemical, and biological defence forces reportedly told the soldiers he commands at the Zaporizhzhya nuclear energy station that “this land will either be Russian or a scorched desert,”according to Enerhoatom, the state-run company in Ukraine that manages the nation’s four nuclear power plants.

Valery Vasilyev, the aforementioned general, claimed that “we have mined all the significant objects of the Zaporizhzhya atomic station.” And we don’t keep that from the opposition. We issued a warning. The opponent is aware that either Russians will control the station or no one will. The results of such a move are something for which we are ready. And you, soldiers-liberators, must realise that there is nothing else we can do. And we must carry out even the most callous order with respect.

The southern Ukrainian city of Enerhodar is home to the Zaporizhzhya power plant. If Putin so chooses, Vasilyev might cause a nuclear disaster that is even greater than the one that occurred at Chornobyl in 1986. Since the winds in that region of Ukraine typically blow from east to west and north to south, Kherson, Mykolaiv, Odesa, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, and Turkey would probably be affected by radioactive fallout. Even the occupied Crimea could be impacted. In other words, Putin and Vasilyev would actually direct a nuclear weapon at NATO and the European Union.

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