America’s most advanced M1A2D super tank will make the Russian T-14 Armata ‘sweat’

The American tank M1A2D is intended to become the most feared tank in the world, with features that outperform all competitors, including Russia’s T-14 Armata.

The M1A2D tank (also known as the M1A2 SEPv4) is the most recent improved form of the well-known M1 Abrams main combat tank built in the United States. The US Army declared almost four years ago that it would rename the M1A2 System Upgrade Packages (SEP) versions 3 and 4 in order to highlight the significance of upgrading for this primary battle vehicle.
According to Major General Brian Cummings, former Executive Director of the US Army’s Ground Combat Vehicle programme, the M1A2 SEPv3 and M1A2 SEPv4 variants have been redesignated M1A2C and M1A2D. The M1A2C (previously SEPv3) configuration was developed in October 2017 as part of a $92.2 million contract granted to General Dynamics in December 2015 for the conversion of the first six tanks to the new standard.
After a favourable pricing evaluation during the testing procedure, this company obtained a large-scale upgrading contract for up to 4.6 billion USD in December 2020 to construct the main battle tank M1A2 SEPv3 Abrams.
To cut maintenance costs, the M1A2C configuration includes a battlefield data link, an upgraded forward-looking infrared (FLIR) sighting system, a remote-controlled weapon system, an auxiliary engine, and a vehicle condition management system. As part of a continuing effort to retain tanks in good shape, the US Army is looking for ways to outfit them with second and third-generation sensor and weapon system improvement packages (SEPs). was born in the 1980s on par with the offspring of allies and foes.

This prompted them to continue developing a “much improved” version of SEPv4 – aka M1A2D – the most advanced version of the Abrams main battle tank (MBT), with the intention of “exporting entirely” by the middle of the decade. The M1A2 SEPv4 will be the “most lethal” Abrams tank ever developed, featuring third generation FLIR (3GEN), the underlying technology that will allow the crew to find enemy targets from a greater distance. Upgrades to both aiming points and compatibility with additional combat systems will be included in 3GEN FLIR. The tank can recognise targets from a greater distance and autonomously track the thing with excellent accuracy.
In addition to the damage enhancement, the maker of the M1A2 SEPv4 will give a comprehensive training programme to maximise the crew’s fighting skills.

“This programme began early enough to integrate any technology the United States Army deems important to the future battlefield, such as artificial intelligence, autonomy, proactive defence systems, or sophisticated sensors,” the maker said. The M1A2D (M1A2 SEPv4) is still a few years away from completion, but more specifics are expected later this year. Thus, the US Army will not have a leading main battle tank in the world until the mid-2030s, equivalent to leading European tanks such as the KF51 Panther or EMBT.

When compared to the Russian T-90M Prory-3, the M1A2D easily outperforms it in terms of comfort, strength, and defence; even Russia’s most sophisticated tank, the T-14 Armata, must “sweat” foul with it.

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