Su-24 from Ukraine entered combat with modern guided missiles.

In order to combat Russian forces, the Ukrainian Air Force reportedly fitted the Su-24 fighter jets with brand-new guided missiles.

Photos shared on social media demonstrate how Ukrainian Air Force Su-24 Fencer (“Swordsmen”) planes joined the conflict after receiving more Kh-25 guided air-to-surface missiles.

According to reports, the new Kh-25 missile mounted on Ukraine’s Su-24 has a maximum range of 10 km and can deliver warheads weighing up to 140 kg. Some reports claim that the Kh-25 missile uses radio waves for guidance. Some experts, meanwhile, think that Ukraine has recently modernised its missiles and given them laser guidance capabilities.

The Su-24 is not as frequently employed in combat operations by the Ukrainian Air Force as the MiG-29 or Su-27 planes since Russia’s special military invasion in Ukraine began.

Observers anticipate that the Su-24 will have more opportunities to carry out the task of hitting targets on the ground of the Russian army with the new Kh-25 missiles, particularly when the armed forces of Ukraine are desperately in need of fire support in the eastern and southern theatres of the nation.

Soviet engineers created and produced the Su-24, a ground attack attack aircraft, in the middle of the 1970s. The two-person crew of the twin-engine bomber can operate it in any weather.

More than 1,400 Su-24 aircraft have been built and deployed in the air forces of numerous nations worldwide as of this writing. Since 2010, the Su-24 has been gradually phased out of Russia in favour of the Su-34, which has more modern features.

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