Ukraine released a video using HIMARS to attack the arterial bridge

Ukraine has released images of the Antonovsky bridge burning fiercely after being attacked by the HIMARS missile system. This bridge is the main Russian supply route at Kherson.

According to the Guardian, the Ukrainian military forces published a video of the ambush on the Antonovsky bridge in Kherson on the evening of August 14 (local time). The Dnieper River bridge is a crucial Russian supply route in Kherson, and its destruction may cut off forces there.

The footage and data from the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense demonstrate that Russia’s attempts to block the US HIMARS missile system’s onslaught were ineffective. The Antonovsky Bridge took a beating and was violently torched.

Since July, Ukrainian military ambushes have regularly destroyed the Antonovsky bridge, which spans the Dnieper River and connects the important city of Kherson in the region of the same name in southern Ukraine. Military vehicles are currently unable to cross this crucial bridge, despite the fact that Russian forces have sent out emergency repair teams.

According to a British intelligence source, Russia can presently only move supplies using two ferries and pontoon bridges constructed close to the Antonovsky bridge. But they were unable to provide for all the demands of the thousands of Russian troops stationed in Kherson.

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