Russia can humiliate NATO’s advanced weapons in Ukraine with a secret ‘trump card’

According to Chinese military observers, Russia has a secret “trump card” capable of neutralizing NATO’s advanced weapons on the Ukrainian battlefield, especially those that use high technology.

The Chinese newspaper NetEase recently published an article that the West feels “humiliated” when NATO weapons deployed in Ukraine face Russia’s secret “trump card”. Since the beginning of the Ukraine crisis, the United States and its allies have transferred tens of billions of dollars worth of weapons to Ukraine, including a wide variety of high-tech, sophisticated electronic devices.

Washington and many European allies feel very secure about their combat systems compared to Russian weapons, even though they often show disdain for undisguised Russian weapons.

However, according to Chinese military analysts, underestimating Moscow’s capabilities could cost Western nations a very heavy price. “The detail that deserves special attention focuses on the Western countries’ underestimation of the capabilities of sophisticated Russian-made electronic warfare (EW) systems.”

“The reality shows that the Russian weapons are really powerful, they even have enough power to paralyze the huge US aircraft carrier,” analysts of the Chinese edition said.

NetEase reported that Russia is very focused on the creation of new generation electronic warfare systems, it has achieved remarkable success in the above field, after paying due attention.

EW complexes have become the secret “trump card” of the Russian Army. The fact that Moscow’s electronic warfare systems have long been in the dark when overshadowed by the legendary S-400 weapon, has only recently been mentioned more often.

Modern Russian EW complexes can turn even the most advanced American and European combat systems into a useless pile of scrap metal. They are so powerful that they are capable of disabling fighter aircraft, even nuclear aircraft carriers, at considerable distances.

The Russian military has used some of their EW systems on the Ukrainian battlefield, their high effectiveness has become a big problem for Western militaries.

The Chinese newspaper believes that this is why the NATO countries changed their mind, not sending their most advanced equipment to Ukraine because there is a great risk that they will be quickly captured by the powerful Russian EW systems.

“Most Western weapons require precise guidance from satellite navigation systems, while Russian electronic warfare is capable of intercepting these signals,” NetEase reported.

Chinese journalists said that NATO had to reconsider its plan to send weapons to Ukraine. Instead of an advanced system, obsolete assemblies with minimal electrons are being shipped to Kyiv.

Obviously, the US and its allies want to avoid the risk of their military equipment being knocked down and deactivated while Russia does not need to fire a shot, which if it happens will make the West “humiliate” before the communists. the world community, which is closely following the development of the war situation in Ukraine.

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