NATO gets ready to confront the “Russian forward shipyard”

“Russia’s forward shipyard” – the Black Sea region is expected to become a new confrontation between Russia and NATO after the recent movements of the North Atlantic Military Alliance.

According to Bloomberg analysts Michael Winfrey and Andra Timu, NATO countries are preparing to confront Russia in “Moscow’s front yard,” that is the Black Sea region.

According to the authors, after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, some Western leaders realized that NATO currently does not have enough standing forces to confront Russia.

Many feel that one of the biggest shortcomings of the North Atlantic military alliance is that the Black Sea region is left open. Now NATO wants to quickly correct this mistake.

“NATO seeks to counter the Russian threat at a critical point in Europe. The Kremlin has strengthened its military capabilities in the Black Sea by redeploying ground forces, strengthening air defenses, and modernizing the navy.

“Russia has increased operations in war zones, including Syria, where it maintains a naval base, from which it reaches from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean, which makes NATO unable to sit idly by.”, two Bloomberg analysts clarified.

Yulia Joja, director of the Black Sea Program at the Washington-based Institute for Middle East Studies, said that the Black Sea is the “gateway to Russia”, which plays a role in projecting power and military might far beyond borders. Russia.

Meanwhile, Bloomberg emphasized that NATO thought about this too late. The fact is that the Russian Federation has already built up considerable military potential in the region, so the Union must increase its presence at a rapid pace.

At the end of winter 2022, the military bloc agreed to create four new combat groups in Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, and Slovakia, in addition to the four previously deployed in Poland and the Baltic states.

Currently, the military bloc is preparing to confront Russia in the Black Sea region through the act of sending more and more troops to Eastern European countries. However, there is a problem: many of these countries do not have the necessary infrastructure, or it is in poor condition.

For example, French Army Colonel Clement Torrent received orders to build a military base for 1,000 troops stationed in Romania. As a result, bad roads become one of the biggest obstacles.

“The main bridge in the city of Chincha, located in the center of Romania, is in such a bad condition that right on the bridge, through the holes, you can see the fast flowing river below.”

“Trucks have to go through the sunflower fields to transport tens of thousands of tons of materials in and out of the hilltop construction site, which skyrockets the cost as well as the time, while the deadline to complete is the end. 2022,” said Colonel Clement Torrent.

Analysts Michael Winfrey and Andra Timu are certain that: “NATO’s actions not only highlight the changing position of the Eastern members but also the general transformation in worldview, as the entire Union. alliance deployed to confront Russia.”

When NATO has finished redeploying its forces, especially when the Istanbul Canal is completed, the Black Sea region should no longer be Russia’s “pond” as before.

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