revealing Ukraine’s new strategies

Special forces from Ukraine are infiltrating far behind Russia’s front lines with their limited arsenal in order to strike crucial logistical targets for Moscow.

Oleksii Reznikov, the defense minister of Ukraine, claimed that Ukraine’s combat troops lacked the weapons and ammunition needed to conduct a significant ground attack to retake territory. He expects that his Western allies will fulfill their commitment to Ukraine by giving it the equipment it needs.

Ukraine is trying to weaken Russia’s military prowess while simultaneously attacking the most important targets within Moscow. According to Minister Reznikov, “We are employing the technique of destroying their stocks, ammunition depots, and their headquarters.”

In order to conduct operations deep into Russia’s front lines, he continued, Ukraine is mobilizing “resistance troops” under the direction of special forces. This force was only recently deployed in the regions of Ukraine under Russian control after it was constituted in January of this year.

This force was responsible for explosives at a Russian military base on the Crimean peninsula more than a week ago, according to several unidentified Ukrainian officials who spoke to the military cognizance.

Minister Reznikov reaffirmed that neither denying nor confirming any involvement in the explosions in Crimea is the official attitude of the Ukrainian government. He did add, though, that hitting such facilities is part of Ukraine’s existing military plan and that Kiev lacks weaponry that can get to Crimean objectives.

Russia’s primary supply route for arms and ammunition to the front lines in southern Ukraine runs through Crimea. Additionally, from this location, Russian jets can fire missiles towards Ukrainian cities and villages.

“Ammunition is stored in Crimea and will be sent to the battlefield in southern Ukraine. Therefore, in order to cut off their supply lines, we must destroy them as we did during the Kiev operation.” remarked Minister Reznikov. He talked about how, in the early stages of the conflict, the Ukrainian military cut off Russia’s supply line and compelled it to evacuate its troops from the Kiev region.

Russian forces were thought to be secure in Crimea up until last week since it was beyond the range of all of Ukraine’s weapons.
The US and its allies were worried that Kiev may use the weaponry they helped fund to launch an attack on Russian soil and intensify the conflict. Minister Reznikov, however, is adamant that Ukraine won’t.

Recent explosions at a Russian base in Crimea are thought to have been set off by Ukrainian special troops. Mykhailo Podolyak, a presidential adviser for Ukraine, said that NATO allies have trained Ukrainian special forces to operate in close proximity to the Russian front line.

This was referred to as a new plan by him and Ukrainian officials to counter Russia’s “shock punch” tactic. According to this plan, Ukrainian forces moved into positions after soldiers and people had been evacuated, pushed slowly on land, and shelled cities and villages. The primary objectives are Russia’s arsenal, command headquarters, and fuel depots. Minister Reznikov asserts that attacking Crimea will make it more difficult for Russia to maintain military operations in southern Ukraine, particularly in the Kherson region, which Ukraine has designated as the first target in the counteroffensive.

Also included in the new approach, according to Podolyak, is the deployment of highly mobile rocket artillery systems to attack comparable targets at a maximum range of 80 kilometers. This tactic has made a considerable contribution to halting the Russian advance in the Donbass region.

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